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Unmasking your Pretender and enabling you to escape people pleasing, persecution and perfectionism. 

We’ll unravel the REAL YOU so you can be brilliant by being YOURSELF.


The real, authentic you is multi-faceted, and yet many people feel the need to stifle who they truly are in order to fit in, to the point they lose sight of their own identity, needs and desires.  Does this sound familiar?

It’s like acting your way through life and acting is exhausting by the way.  How exhausted do you feel right now?

To find the REAL YOU, it’s critical to see what you don’t see, those pesky blind spots which create even more pesky behaviours. I call these the facepalm moments.  I help you uncover who you are at your worst, so we can discover who you can be at your very best. We align your heart, your head and your soul to bring out the real you.  I’ve helped thousands of clients do exactly this.

Forget boring GROW MODEL & SMART GOALS style coaching!  I’m sure you’ve done enough of that.  Instead let’s bring on the most enlightening, transformational and insightful journey of self-discovery and growth. You deserve that.

It’s pure alchemy!

Are you ready?  It’s time..

People pleasing and pretending whilst paralysed by the Imposter?

You will no doubt have experienced the highs of a successful career, either as a Corporate Executive, an Entrepreneur, or a High-Achiever elsewhere in the commercial realm. But success and prestige is often coupled with unwavering pressure which can bring out the people pleaser and pretender in us all.  Add to this your unhelpful beliefs, self-stories, and the demands of the inner critic and the ever present demand to be brilliant can become a hindrance to who you truly are.  You start to wear a mask to be who you think you need to be, stifling the truest version of you. This erodes your energy, esteem and happiness now and in the future.

Doubt, Sabotage and a feeling of never being good enough

Ironically, the most successful people in society are those most often beset with self-doubt, even suffering from Imposter Syndrome: the idea that your success is somehow unearned and ill-gained. Such ideation can lead to unhealthy habits, addictions and sabotage behaviours which dials up the inner critic and leaves you questioning your worth.

Finding the Authentic You
If you feel like the above resonates, you are not alone. The Authentic You wants to bring all aspects of your persona – in business and at home – together. That’s where I come in. As an Award-Winning Accredited Coach, I have vast experience in working with High-Achievers to identify how they get in their own way, before clearing the path to their ultimate potential using my unique approach.

I too have lived the Corporate life, and experienced the dilemmas it can bring. Now, together, we can reaffirm your authentic personality, bringing you confidence and an end to your inner turmoil. You can be brilliant by being yourself. 

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Feeling lost, lacking confidence and always last on your list?

As we move through life, the past impacts the future, and the ‘here and now’ can leave you fearful, lacking purpose and direction. In juggling the demands of a busy life, with career, children and family all primary concerns, it can be easy to lose a sense of self, sinking into the mire of everyday life.  You wonder if there is more for you, and yet feel undeserving of it.  You put everyone and everything else first because you’ve convinced yourself you don’t matter.  It’s been so long since you prioritised you, that it’s difficult to know who you are, where you are and what you stand for.  What you do know, is that it’s time for a change. It’s time to find you.

Change unhelpful beliefs and behaviours
Working as a Life Coach, I hear versions of this story with many of my clients, very often females who are controlled by inherited and learned unhelpful beliefs and behaviour patterns that prevent them flourishing. Releasing yourself from these shackles requires courage, and someone who can lead you to a clearing in the wood. As Spear’s 500 top life coach and as a qualified psychotherapist, I believe I can take you by the hand and help.

Mapping out the life you want and deserve
To begin with I listen to your frustrations and we identify what keeps you stuck.  I bring empathy and understanding to your personal dilemmas, and help you to see that you are not alone. Together we establish new life goals and who you want to be. A step-by-step programme stops the inner inertia you feel, and builds belief, enabling you to map out the life you want. Ultimately, I can help set you on a path to a life you’ll love, where goals and ambitions are clear, and you feel able to value, believe in and prioritise yourself.

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How I will work with
you over time

I take a qualified approach to resolving your dilemmas.

I take pride in offering solutions from across the entire coaching spectrum, from therapy to advisory. In bringing a holistic approach to resolving clients’ dilemmas, I blend psychology, coaching & observation with addressing mindset blocks, and take a direct and honest approach in getting to the heart of whatever is holding you back, or stifling your growth.

Blending backbone with heart

Different people react in different ways to coaching and therapy, so I will adjudge whether you need to be challenged, or work towards change in a much softer, nurturing manner. I blend backbone with heart and know through experience which element to lead with. I don’t advocate the school of thought that the coach should not be wedded to the outcome.  If you are looking for a coach who uses grow model and asks endless questions, or a therapist who listens week after week, I won’t be your girl. I believe in the co-creation of value and I am as invested in getting you where you want to be as you are. This drives a solution focussed way of working that is open, honest and not for the feint hearted. In short, we work together in partnership and create your unique solution.

Investing in my development to be the best to take care of yours 

I have invested heavily in building my expertise so I am best placed to work with you. With 20 years experience in transformation and change, I’m a fully Accredited Association for Coaching Master Executive and Life Coach, gaining my diploma in Executive Coaching from Cambridge University. I have worked with hundreds of clients and spent more than 3000 hours coaching.   I am also recognised as Spear’s 500 top executive coach. I’m also qualified as a psychotherapist which brings a deeper focus to your situation.  I believe that my unique, results-oriented approach, together with a raft of qualifications, make me the ideal choice to free you from the shackles that hold you back, and fulfil your potential.

Angela’s instincts are razor sharp.  I initially engaged her to work through some professional deliberations but she immediately identified some underlying personal beliefs that were clouding my thinking.  Angela challenges, it’s not always a comfortable ride, but she does so with great empathy, built from her extensive training and life experiences.  The outcome is always impactful and transformative, I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Holly Joint , Transformation Executive at a top bank in the Middle East

I believe Angela to be one of just a handful of people in the UK able to transform someone’s life in a single session.  I was fortunate to witness her carry out a regression session with a complex client and it was one the best sessions I have ever seen.

Mark Shields , Master Trainer of Modern Psychology & Transformational Coaching

“Angela is human dynamite! She knows how to ignite people with energy and action and equally when to show vulnerability to encourage others to explore their own areas of growth. Her authenticity, engagement and downright forthrightness is refreshing.”

Emy Rumble Mettle, Talent Director - Group M

“Angela is an amazing coach who’s empathy sets her apart from many other coaches. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and she makes her tools simple to understand and take away to use”

Emma Derby , HR Director, _VOIS

Angela has a really, really effective approach to enabling the people she coaches to first understand who they are, build on those foundations to become more effective leaders, and also generally to be more conscious of who they are.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Angela as a coach to anyone who is serious about understanding what it is that makes them who they are and what it takes to be the very best they can be.

Will Jennings, CEO Rabobank UK

Quite simply, Angela has helped me transform my outlook on business and on life more generally, and I am a more effective leader and rounded human as a result.

I cannot recommend her highly enough; she is totally irreplaceable as my coach.

Simon Everidge, MD at Rigby Capital UK

Angela possesses a profound ability to truly connect with people, and her unique coaching style and methodology really does yield positive results.  I have been fortunate to work with Angela on both professional and personal aspects of my life and subsequent transitions.  Her empathic, supportive, and no-nonsense approach is like having a trusted advisor with you at a time when you need it most.

Ellie Hynes, Senior Programme Lead

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The Always Enough Collective is a beautiful community of women who support and lift each other.

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You can choose from two free programmes, Reboot Camp and Flourish.  There is also a range of paid for programmes with investment starting from as little as £14.99

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