This isn’t just life-coaching; This is life-changing coaching.

Okay, Okay, it’s a cheesy line. I know. Yet, genuinely I can say that I change lives, because it’s what my clients tell me every week. 

Phil Jonker said our work together was ‘The best thing that ever happened to me’ – he has escaped a toxic workplace and now earns 3 times more than he was a year ago.

Laura Walker said ‘Angela changed my life!’ She now has the mindset, tools and self-belief to achieve what she dreams of.

Carolyn Maloney said ‘Angela has helped me in ways in never thought possible’  she has been promoted and is allowing her authenticity to shine through.

So if you simply couldn’t fail what would you change about your life?  

Let’s get real for a minute (I’m a northern lass so reality is pretty much my go to zone).

I’m NOT talking about ‘up-levelling’.  I can’t be doing with that word; it is so diminishing because it suggests that what you have now is low-level. You’re not low-level.  You are already bloody brilliant, you just might not see it YET.

You don’t need to HAVE more stuff to change your life, or upgrade your house, car and income. If you want those things, we can figure out how you get them.  BUT, you wont get anywhere easily if you are fighting with yourself. 

So a life-change is about looking inwards, figuring yourself out, and understanding how to regulate and manage yourself more effectively.  It’s about stopping those ‘face -palm’ moments that have you cringing at yourself because you behaved in a way that freaks you out.  Ever called yourself crazy?  Ever been told by someone else you’re crazy? Well, it’s time to embrace the crazy and work out how to dance with it.

To do that, you must be willing to change.

Change takes courage

And it takes a leap of faith to trust somebody to guide you to dig deeply. So if you are going to step into that sort of uncomfortable territory, the least I can do is ensure you get a life-altering outcome.  And luckily not only am I totally wedded to delivering life-changes, I’m also qualified, experienced and I’ve earnt the t-shirt in doing so.  What I’m saying is you’re in safe hands.

So, now you hopefully can see I’m not a charlatan…let’s continue.

Is there anything worse than feeling stuck whilst knowing you are capable of bigger and better things? It can feel like you have no control over what you can achieve.

Have you got to a point where you are so busy trying to figure out who you ‘should be’ based on all of the demands placed on you, you have lost sight of who you are and who you want to be based on your own map. You’re bending and shaping yourself to please others, and it is exhausting.

  • You’re feeling LOST, lacking identity, purpose and maybe even drive.
  • You’re feeling LACKING in confidence, joy, time, and it’s a miracle if you can even find the right word in the sea of noise that resounds around your head.
  • You are probably LAST ON YOUR LIST. And it’s a very long list of must do’s, should do’s, failed to have done’s.
  • And you are LONELY, even if you’re surrounded by people.

If any of this resonates with you, then it’s time to address whatever is holding you back and find the courage to meet your own personal challenges head on.

From the female perspective
Many of my clients who find themselves in a state of stasis are female, at a crossroads in life or suddenly waking up and thinking there must be more to life than feeling mediocre and putting everyone and everything first. I too have lived this life and know what it is to come through the fog to find a clear, new focus.  Many of the men I work with feel the weight of the need to provide, to be unemotional, and to lead with ego rather than humility in order to survive in narcissistic corporate cultures. My female perspective provides a platform in which they can explore authenticity without diminishing power.

As the UK’s top recommended Coach recognized by Spear’s 500, I’m someone who is perfectly qualified to guide you to your authentic self.

The Client Journey

The First Step 

I’ll level with you here, I used to offer programmes to clients and we’d work through the steps together.  After more than 2000 hours spent coaching I know that whilst programmes are lovely and shiny and easy to market, they don’t actually provide the client with the journey they need.  That’s because need’s are individual. You are unique.

That said the first step is always the Stop Being Stuck Breakthrough Session which identifies and reprogrammes any limiting beliefs, eliminating fears and providing the motivation and momentum for change.  Unlocking the door to your brighter future whilst letting the past take it’s place in history. 

Getting you unstuck, cutting the shackles and stopping you from sabotaging your efforts.

Digging under the skin of that crippling fear that stops you from getting the success you deserve.

Pinpointing the exact moment in your past when you decided to believe something about yourself that keeps you stuck in your comfort zone.

Neutralising the traumas that continuously trigger you, no matter how much you feel you have ‘put them in a box’

Listening to those ‘self-stories’ and inoculating you against them so you can be free from self-doubt.

Using a powerful blend of life coaching and neuroscience techniques this intense breakthrough session will produce valuable insights and aha moments which will leave you speechless.

This two -week intensive delivers priceless value, creating huge shifts for my clients, now just imagine it doing the same for you.

The programme includes a half day (in person or virtually), a one hour follow up at the end of week two and  20 minute hypnosis audio for you to listen to at home.

At this point we will know what you need next in terms of support, direction and further work together.  For some people that means nothing is required, for others it may be one of my online programmes, and for some it will mean working with me 1:1 for a period of time.

To book your place, drop me a line using the contact form below or book here

Investment for this first step £1500

The Next Step 

Imagine being brilliant by being yourself?

Just imagine feeling your natural best, excited about your future and feeling free from the sabotage cycle.

The next phase in this immersive, thought provoking and challenging journey changes the way you think, feel and behave.  It gets under the skin of the patterns and thought processes you have developed as a result of the beliefs you reprogrammed in step one.  The habits you formed through fear and insecurity will be replaced with healthy habits focussed around your best and authentic self.  And of course whilst we focus on building the YOU for the future, you’ll also need support with the ‘business as usual’ because life doesn’t suddenly stop while you work on yourself.  We’ll strike the balance between the two, working on your current dilemmas and your future dreams.

It’s an emotional transformation.  It’s pure alchemy.

Following our breakthrough you’ll have three options



A year-long period of support, coaching, mentoring, listening, challenging, and that all-important alchemy.

I only have space for three clients annually.

You’ll have as many sessions as you wish each month (up to 6 hours of time)

24/7 Whatsapp access (though I might not reply if I am sleeping ;-)

Access to my Online Vault during and beyond our work together.

Both of my best-selling books.

Welcome gift and celebratory dinner

£2200 per month over 10 months (Non coaching months August and December)

Post Programme special rate of £250 per hour for up to six sessions per year.

Option Two – Alchemy Intensive

2 coaching sessions per month

Whatsapp during office hours

Audio Downloads

Mindset Gym Access

£1200 per month

Minimum 3 months

Option Three – Alchemy Lite

1 coaching session per month

Video check in once per month

Audio Downloads

£600 per month

Minimum 3 months

Let’s have a chat about how it will work for you. Book a time. 

Trusted by professionals the world over   

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    Angela possesses a profound ability to truly connect with people, and her unique coaching style and methodology really does yield positive results.  I have been fortunate to work with Angela on both professional and personal aspects of my life.  Her empathic, supportive, but no nonsense approach is like having a trusted advisor with you at the time you need it most.

    Ellie Hynes , Senior Programme Manager

    “Up until I had my breakthrough session with Angela, I was skeptical. I didn’t believe that events in my childhood shaped my behaviour in adulthood as I didnt think it was relevant to me.  Well how wrong was I?

    Angela helped me connect all the dots and I now have such a better understanding of myself and my pattern of behaviour and beliefs which I found out were formed in those early years. I feel so much lighter and at peace with myself after just one session and I’m excited to continue working with Angela. It’s certainly eye opening and the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

    Worth every single penny.”

    Emma Farmer

    “Mentoring and Coaching for Angela is an intrinsic part of who she is. I invested in a 6-month programme with her and personally responded well to her friendly, open and flexible approach.  Nothing is ever set in stone, butt she doesn’t let you meander off the path you are trying to go down by accident or avoidance.  Instead, she helps you focus on the task at hand.

    What I appreciated the most was that having reached out initially, I felt overwhelmed at trying to organise the sessions and explain what I needed.  Angela took time to contact me by phone, talk through my questions and put a plan together that worked for me.

    Angela has really transformed my perception of not only myself, but also the way I perceive others and the world that surrounds me – in essence she has helped me to engage with being the best version of myself. She has allowed me to have trust and confidence in myself and not fall prey to fear. It doesn’t mean that life is suddenly without its challenges, what it means is I am in the mindset and position to deal with them in a way I was unable to previously.

    I cannot recommend Angela highly enough.


    Life Coaching Client Story

    I was upfront with Angela, I explained that I can slip into coaching processes, rather than just allow myself to experience the coaching techniques for what they can provide me. Over the first phone call, I was quite apprehensive, having just had a terrible experience with someone who really didn’t have the skills to support me. I wasn’t sure about whether Angela could be strong enough and patient enough to get me where I needed to be. Luckily for me, Angela and I felt there was a strong enough reason to get together and have a face to face meeting. That first session, we discussed what I wanted from coaching. Angela also shared that after the first phone call, she questioned whether she might be able to work with me. We discussed this and because of her honesty and keenness to ‘do the right thing’ for me, I felt I could relax a little more and trust that whilst coaching sessions might not always run smoothly, we were a good fit for each other. I opened up very slowly over time, so I am glad I chose the 12 weeks of coaching option!

    Read Julia’s Story

    Working with Angela has been an investment in myself and it has been worth every penny. Angela clearly has a wide range of techniques she can use as she has wide ranging professional and business qualifications. However, it’s Angela’s intelligence, intuition and compassion which means that she is able to use the different techniques so effectively. I continue to have regular maintenance sessions with Angela as I have found that as I progress through my career, the number of people who are prepared to challenge my thinking has reduced – Angela has no qualms about doing so! Despite the intensity of the sessions, I look forward to them and we often end up laughing.

    Read my client’s story here

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