Meet Angela…

Known by her client’s as the Life Changer

A life spent listening

Hi there, I’m Angela Cox and I hope I get to meet you.

I think it’s important that if you are going to trust me and put your heart, head and soul in my hands, then it’s only right that you should know a little bit more about who I really am.  It won’t come as a surprise that I have my own story.  Most coaches do.

Before we go there though let me first get across how much I love to coach. In my own way, I’ve been coaching since I was a child, listening to people, asking curious questions and offering up advice: I believe it is something innate to me.

There is perhaps an idea of a Coach, however, and that’s not me. I break the rules, and have no time for ‘grow model coaching’ or ‘non-directive coaching’ and don’t go there with my clients. The world has moved on and so has Coaching.  I don’t believe in working through endless models and filling in worksheets, instead I harness my ability to quickly see the behaviour patterns which hold you back, and through exploring these together you can make significant shifts.

Becoming the Qualified Coach

Before coaching professionally, I had a career in business transformation and strategy, working in corporate and consulting firms at the highest level. Here, I was coaching executives and leaders as part of my job. I then trained to become accredited in behavioural change modalities and psychotherapy and moved into my role as a Life Coach. I studied at King’s College London, acquiring a PG Certificate in the Psychology and Neuroscience of mental health. I’ve since completed an advanced diploma in Executive Coaching with Cambridge University, and I am accredited at Master Coach Level by the Association for Coaching.   I now work with professionals who want to reach their potential without compromising their values, or their wellbeing.

Empathy and understanding

Our work together is all about connection.  Connection between us which is built on trust, and connection to the most authentic version of you. I achieve this in ways that aren’t written in the coaching manuals.  I blend together therapeutic techniques with coaching, mentoring, consulting and a little sprinkle of the something extra I seem to have that can’t be taught.  I ‘get’ people and through my observational skills I easily see what you can’t, or won’t allow yourself to see.  I believe it’s the perfect blend of approaches to create lasting change in individuals.

I’m not the kind of coach that will ask you endless questions until you find the answer, or nod her head and listen endlessly to your woes. My therapeutic approach is about shift creation and whilst I always come from a place of empathy, I will ensure you push through the barriers. Equally, I’m not the kind of mentor who has done everything better than you have. I am human, and I’ve made mistakes too, at times living with many of the stresses and strains you will have experienced. So I have understanding and empathy. That’s critical to helping others overcome their problems.

I am proud to be an Empath, and not only do I love connecting with people, I can also quickly get to the root of what is holding you back and help you to formulate change. Shame, self-doubt, self-sabotage and fear of failure is something we all experience at some time in life, myself included, and so I am perfectly placed to help you understand and overcome these challenges.

Angela Cox
Angela Cox
Angela Cox