About Me

Hi, I’m Angela,

If there is one thing I have always loved to do, it’s coach.  I’m convinced I’ve been doing it since I was able to string a sentence together, and it’s a skill I’ve honed over many years.  I had a career in business transformation and strategy until a few years ago, and working in Corporate and consulting firms at the highest levels, I was able to coach executives and leaders as part of job.  I then trained & worked hard to get accredited in many behavioural change modalities and moved into my role as a Life Coach.  I also studied at King’s College London and acquired a PG Cert in the Psychology and Neuroscience of mental health.  Now, some people have a perception that life coaching is a bit ‘airy fairy,’ and until I became one, I could understand this.  Let me assure you though, my work is far from ‘airy fairy.’  It will challenge you and create shifts you never imagined possible.

I combine executive coaching, strategic thinking and transformation methodology with holistic therapies, neuroscience and life-coaching.  I believe it’s the perfect blend of approaches to create lasting change in individuals.  I’m not the kind of coach that will ask you endless questions until you find the answer, I can’t imagine anything more annoying.  If you don’t have the answer, I’ll provide options for you to ponder. I’m not the kind of therapist who will nod her head and listen endlessly to your woes.  My therapeutic approach is about shift creation and whilst I always come from a place of empathy, I will ensure you push through the barriers.  I’m not the kind of mentor who has done everything better than you have.  I’ve probably messed it more times than you ever will, and that means I have a whole heap of ‘how not to do it’ examples which are always valuable.

I am proud to be an Empath, it’s my badass super-power, and not only do I love connecting with people, I also find it very easy to get to the root of what is holding you back and help you see how this can change.  I know what it feels like to struggle with shame, self-doubt, self-sabotage and fear of failure and so I am perfectly placed to help you understand and overcome these challenges. Like many, I’ve got a story and it’s my adverse experiences that put me in a great position to help.

In my spare time I love to exercise and in 2019 I bagged a silver medal in the Kettlebell Sport World Championships.  I am married to Mr Cox and have two children, Finley and Coral and two step daughters.

As a behavioural change life & business coach, my clients put their trust in me so I make sure you are in good hands by ensuring I’m fully qualified and accredited to carefully help you break free of the shackles and move forward. Whilst my qualifications don’t always make sense to my clients, I want you to know I have them.

I’m trained and accredited in the following modalities:-

Post Graduate Certificate – Psychology & Neuroscience of Mental Health

Master Practitioner – Neuro Linguistic Programming

Master Practitioner – Clinical Hypnotherapy

Master Practitioner – Life Coaching

Accredited Practitioner – Havening Techniques®️

Facilitator – PYSCH K®️

Advanced Practitioner – Emotional Freedom Technique

Practitioner – Matrix Re-imprinting

Specialist Diploma – Parts Therapy

LCS Level 3A – Strategic Lean Coach (Business Improvement)

Diploma – Nutrition & Weight Management

Certificate – Sports Nutrition, Childhood Obesity & Pre/Post Natal Nutrition

I have been awarded a fellowship from the ACCPH (Accredited Councillors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists) meaning I’ve been vetted to ensure I carry the relevant qualifications. I am also the chosen UK Life and Behavioural Coach for the Global Advisory Experts and an accredited member of the Life Coaching Directory.

Angela CoxAngela Cox
Angela Cox