Bounce Right Back

This year I took the massive step to leave the security of a six-figure salary, bonuses and pension to do something that I truly love. Some might say this was a crazy move but at the age of forty I realised that we are not on this earth for a look around and being happy and doing something with purpose is more important than fancy titles and money. So here I am working as a life-coach, author and speaker and whilst I love my new life, it remains slightly terrifying most days. There is always the worry about the where the next client will be coming from or who will want my services and expertise anyway?

As a Mindset Mentor, I am applying everything I know about building resilience as this will serve me well as I endeavour to build my business and escape the time/money trap by developing products to enhance my offer. Resilience is the ability to get up after a knock or set back, learn from mistakes and adapt to new circumstances quickly without losing focus or wallowing in self-pity. Resilient people don’t have time for ‘woe is me’ and as a small business owner, neither do you.

The first step in ensuring you have this all-important bounce-back ability is to have a clear sense of direction. Resilient people have solid goals and they know how to achieve them. If you know where you are planning to go and what you are trying to achieve, it provides a strong reference point on those