Are you ready to take this initial step, which delivers seismic shifts to mind, body and soul.  We'll get under the skin of exactly what is keeping you stuck through this intensive and immersive two week Breakthrough Programme.

'Utterly Life-Changing and worth every penny' 

A programme renowned for uncovering the subconscious behaviour patterns you have adopted that make you feel stuck. We'll work on them, getting you unstuck and helping you gain clarity, confidence and above all TRUST in yourself.

A follow-up call the following week to provide a strategy for successfully moving forwards.

This session is often described as a breakthrough because it allows you to see the things you have been unable or unwilling to see. It brings a metaphorical key to the unhelpful shackles that have kept you stuck and a new perspective, paving the way for new ways of working.

It's a deeply personal programme which relies on your openness  and willingness to go deep within.  Fear not because  'I've got you' throughout and I will keep you safe.  This breakthrough is the initial step to gain real clarity and create subconscious emotional shifts.

Clients travel from all over the country to work with me in person at my office in Chichester.  The breakthrough can also take place over zoom and is equally effective.  Clients have joined from the Middle East, Australia and South Africa to name a few.

We'll stop you feeling stuck and like you don't matter

We uncover the limiting belief that holds you back

We work subconsciously to create huge shifts quickly 

You'll feel fundamentally different as a result and have clarity to take forwards

Join more than 300 men and women who have taken the Breakthrough Step.

If you are ready, reserve your place using the button below and we will be in touch with next steps.  If you have questions  drop us a line at 


Individually tailored to YOU and YOUR needs   

The two-week intensive Breakthrough programme includes a half-day session which can be delivered in person at my lovely consulting room in Chichester or via zoom, followed by a one hour zoom follow up the following week.

It's a transformative session which blends deep subconscious therapeutic work, with mindset coaching.

The investment for this programme is £1500 plus VAT.

We offer a payment plan for the programme via our partners at Pay It Monthly.  If this is of interest to you please get in touch via and we can set up the agreement for you, allowing you to spread the investment over four months.

As most of my clients live around the world, I do A LOT of my work online so you can choose if zoom is best for you.

To save us lots of time, I ask you to create a one-pager ahead of us meeting for the first time. This is a synopsis of key events that have shaped or scarred you. I call it 'the good, the bad, and the ugly' list.

Don't let this put you off, it's a very cathartic exercise. It doesn't have to be posh or pretty, and it certainly doesn't need to be typed and spell checked. It's purely a window into you that will save us an hour of talking.

The breakthrough is the only way new clients can work with me as I don't offer sessions by the hour.


 If not NOW? WHEN?

What is the two-week Breakthrough Programme?

  • Initially you book your half-day slot in the diary using the online booking link below.  This shows you the current availability and there is often a 6-week waiting list.  If you can't find a slot that works for you, please email as sometimes we can move other commitments around to accommodate your preferred time.  Please note evening and weekend slots are not an option.
  • Once you have provisionally booked, my lovely assistant Kaf will contact you to confirm and she will send over a coaching contract via an automated system. This simply sets out the T&Cs.  Kaf will offer you a choice of payment options.  She can invoice you directly so you can complete a bank transfer (we can invoice businesses and this can be claimed as a business expense) or we can offer a short term finance agreement through Pay It Monthly if you wish to spread the investment over four months.
  • Your initial half day will be in person or over zoom and Kaf will send you the invitation with all the details.
  • We will request your synopsis which you can hear more about in the video above.
  • The half day session will delve deeply, getting right under the skin of what is holding you back from being your brilliant, authentic self.  I will help you to see what you don't see. It is such an incredible session and you will come away feeling taller, lighter and invigorated.
  • You'll go away with some homework to develop your self-value baseline and I will send you an Audio download to listen to.
  • You can contact me via whatsapp between sessions one and two.
  • In the following week we will get together on zoom for a final hour during which we will create your onward plan, setting some experiments for behaviour change and nailing down your personal boundaries.
  • The investment for this package is £1500 plus VAT

'I feel ten feet taller after the session today Angela & I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help. I am oozing confidence and it feels like it's real for once. I felt so understood, and really heard.  You assured me that my feelings and actions are not ridiculous and helped me realise that my most shameful moments are created through unhelpful beliefs.

I have walked away with a new perspective and feel equipped with tools to make me think and feel differently.  I am not a victim and the people at work are not out to make my life difficult.  The matrix work was so powerful. I was scared about it before I met you but you made it so easy to trust you and I felt calm and supported.

I can't believe we unearthed so many memories.  It was enlightening to find the one that is the root cause of my most limiting belief. Being free of that will be life-changing for sure. I can't thank you enough and I can't wait to work with you again.'

Jennie Mathie

"​Angela has intuition like none other, holding space for me and knowing exactly when to challenge.  My life has transformed in ways I never imagined possible.  I've been binge free since the day we met and empowered by the belief I an achieve anything I want to.  It's been truly life changing and I couldn't be more grateful'

Jordan Mckenzie

"I recently heard Angela speak at an event. My role as a HR director means I have heard many speakers at events, and I can say with confidence that she is one of the most confident, inspiring, and genuine speakers I have heard. If you are looking for a speaker who not only has a story to tell, but can also deliver a message in an authentic, clear, entertaining manner that will drive genuine and sustainable behavioural change in the audience, then look no further than Angela Cox."

Kathy Allison - HRD

"I have had lots of executive coaching over the years but nothing like this. Angela has a talent for cutting right through the layers of nonsense. She had me wanting to run away so many times but it was in those moments the transformative change occurred. Angela picks up on language a lot and plays back phrases that fell out of my mouth which didn't support the goals I wanted. She spots when I was spinning a line and she observes body language like a hawk too. She showed me how I look away whenever I am giving my opinion and how this erodes the trust equation. The limiting belief work was incredible. She took me back to a memory when I was four and this has allowed me to step into my courage and really step up. I would encourage everyone to work with Angela. She is a rare breed"

Jane Bradley, Executive Leader, US Bank

"Angela’s instincts are razor sharp. I initially engaged her to work through some professional deliberations but she immediately identified some underlying personal beliefs that were clouding my thinking. Angela challenges, it’s not always a comfortable ride, but she does so with great empathy, built from her extensive training and life experiences. The outcome is always impactful and transformative, I couldn’t recommend her more highly. "

Holly Joint, Transformation Executive at a Top Bank in the Middle East

"Angela is fantastic. We set out with an open agenda (my organisation had chosen me to work with her) and covered so many key themes in my life, how they have affected my relationships and options I might have to work through them. Literally life-changing, in a positive and 100% supportive way. She has a particular skillset which is almost magical – she can take a single phrase or sentence, which might be no more than an aside by the coachee, and explore that to reveal fundamental influences on that individual."

Senior Leader, Pret A Manger

"I started working with Angela in January 2020. I wanted to start my own business; I had an idea but didn't know how to go about turning that idea into anything more. Over the coming months she carefully got me to work out what that the business would look like, how to come up with a name/branding/colours etc for it and how to organise pricing'. I cannot summarise the enormous impact that working with Angela has had on me. I am so much more confident in my abilities. She has challenged me when I needed it and nudged me over the finishing line. I now have a growing business, clients and a whole lot of self-respect and faith in myself! I get asked a lot about how I've got to where I am in a space of a year and my answer is the same. If you can afford to....invest in yourself. By working with Angela, you uncover what your passion is and how you can go about turning that dream/idea/desire into an actual business Forgo those coffees, new clothes, meals out and put the money into your own development. Angela is an absolute professional you will be in safe hands and she'll help you unlock your potential."

Caroline O’Callaghan, Founder, The Business Aide

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