Celebrating my first year as the Mindset Mentor

A whole year’s trading! I made it! And what a year of learning and discovery it has been.

In June last year I sat in a hotel lounge with my boss and explained I couldn’t carry on working in consulting. It was a tough realisation as I’d worked my socks off since 2004 (when I took my very first job in lean transformation) to reach the dizzy heights of senior leadership in a consulting firm. It had been all I’d ever wanted and now I was turning away from it.

A diagnosis of PTSD had made me evaluate life as a whole and I knew work had to change for me to move forward in a healthier way. I’d been lucky that my book, Enough, had become a best-seller and that had given me confidence to know I could move in a different career direction. I wanted to help people to recover from trauma and create a better future.

Once the decision was made, I tentatively set out on a mission to start a coaching business with the best part of zero idea how I would do it but with an absolute and unwavering faith that I would make it happen.

Two things were acting as drivers during those early months.
1. A pie