The Mindset Method

Do you want to make changes to your life? Escape the relentless cycle of self-sabotage and take the leaps to discover your best, true and authentic self? If yes, my unique, tried and tested programmes are for you.

I love to serve people and being an empath, I can see right to the your very heart, helping you uncover the things that hold you back. Sharing the benefit of my experience gained through overcoming my own personal pain, shame and challenges coupled with the years helping others to be their best in organisations, I am perfectly positioned to partner with you. I’ve enhanced my expertise, becoming accredited in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Nutrition and Weight Management and mentoring to help you flourish. I’m also a fully accredited member of the ACCPH. I’ve found my purpose and I want to help.

Why not start with an introductory session?


This deep delving, illuminating session will establish and challenge the thoughts, behaviours and beliefs holding you back and keeping you stuck.  A four -week plan together with a set of tailored to you affirmations is sent to you post call. The plan incorporates small steps allowing you to start the change process in positive control and successfully achieve your short-term goals.
75 minutes – £149


If you have significantly shifted your mindset then a #Flourish session is for you. It’s useful to have a coach to guide you to the next level and help you continue to thrive. You may have bigger and better aspirations and I can help you break these down into achievable, keeping the overwhelm at bay and allowing you to move forward at pace.
90 minutes – £175

Or you may prefer to dive straight into a Mindset Method Programme:-


A six-week immersive, thought provoking and challenging programme, using my tried and tested methodology as a framework yet adapting to your own personal needs as we progress. You’ll engage in a series of sessions and undertake tasks between calls to build self-awareness and esteem. A full current state analysis will uncover limiting beliefs you may be unaware exist yet they sub-consciously hold you back. We’ll then design your future state including your very own transformation map, providing step by step goals to bring about life changes.
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6 week programme – £875 (Payable in two instalments)


Everything from the six-week programme PLUS a series of five reflective accountability calls during the ‘implementation phase’. My experience tells me that most people take twelve weeks to adapt to change and make it ‘sticky’ so this additional support will be invaluable.
The final session at week 12 adds an additional layer to the transformation map and a tailored set of affirmations for the future.
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12 week programme – £1350 (Payable in three instalments)


For those not patient enough to work through a six week programme, #Blitz takes you on the same journey as #Motivate at record pace. You’ll spend a day at my office and work through each stage, leaving feeling lighter, laser focussed and with a definitive plan for the future.
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One day session – £795


6 x weekly 40 minute calls for accountability, progress tracking & celebrating success following breakthrough, flourish, motivate or transform.


If you would like support, guidance or mentoring on a aspects of life such as career, business start-up, relationships or parenting without working through a Mindset programme, this option will be for you.  Behavioural change and hypnotherapy techniques incorporated

Hourly Sessions £135 
Block of 3 £385
Block of 6 £750

90 Minute Sessions £179 (3 sessions £520, 6 sessions £1000)

Kind Words

Laura’s Testimonial #Breakthrough

I really enjoyed my session with Angela. To begin with I did feel slightly nervous as didn’t know what to expect, but she immediately put me at ease. Her warm personality shone through and I felt an immediate connection with her, it was like talking to an old friend. She listened intently to my needs and within seconds came up with a plan to help me. She seemed tototally understand how I was feeling and could read me perfectly. The advice she gave me was invaluable and really made sense. I feel calmer and ready to tackle whatever is thrown at me, all because of this one session. I can not wait to get started. If anyone is having a wobble, feeling overwhelmed with life or just needs some clarity and help getting things in order, these sessions are for you.

Mindset Method

#Breakthrough – Client Story

​Susan was not feeling happy with her job and this was impacting her motivation across all aspects of her life. She has a dream of starting her own business. This was her response following a 75 minute breakthrough session..

I can honestly say I do feel like I have had a breakthrough moment after just one session with Angela. I had been feeling lost, overwhelmed, and stuck not knowing how to move in a more positive direction. Angela has given me a plan and the focus I need to make positive changes in my life. Prior to the session I was feeling apprehensive and nervous as I didn’t know what to expect. However, Angela had such a warm, caring, and friendly approach that I instantly felt comfortable talking to her. Angela explained clearly what the session entailed and enquired what I hoped to gain from the session which helped me feel at ease. I talked about a variety of issues I was having and Angela listened carefully. She was empathetic , understanding, and compassionate, allowing an environment whereby I could to speak openly to her. I had felt overwhelmed by various things and Angela was able to differentiate the issues I was having and compiled a tailored plan for me. Angela’s advice helped me not to feel so overwhelmed, and put things into perspective, making me feel empowered and able to focus. The plan Angela devised was broken down to make it easy to follow and help me address the various aspects of life I have been struggling with. The advice I received from Angela made me feel calmer and more positive about my future. I am ready and looking forward to starting the plan which is both realist and manageable. I cannot recommend these sessions highly enough for anyone feeling stuck and in need of direction, perspective encouragement, and focus to help drive you forward.