A Unique Approach to Coaching for today’s Executives

The right Coach with the right Approach

Executive Coaching is proven one of the most effective ways for Executives, Entrepreneurs and High-Achievers to develop, grow, and resolve any issues in their work-life balance, get out of their own way, and unleash the untapped potential.

The key to this is in finding the right Coach with the right Approach. One who can demonstrate tangible results, over time.

As someone who excels in highly pressured work environments, where honesty from those around you may be impacted by politics, particularly when you are at the helm of a venture or organization, personal challenges are commonplace.  100% of the male and female executives I work with admit they are hiding the real version of them at work in order to be what they believe is required to rise.  This often leaves them exhausted, and sabotaging and it’s the critical contributor to the dumbing down of their utmost potential.

The spinning, swimming swan
Self-doubt, the pressure of maintaining a strong ‘Leader’ persona, and the juxtaposition between the workplace and an entirely different dynamic at home can leave you spinning, whilst trying to be a swimming swan.

Time is a valuable entity in your life, and you won’t have the possibility or patience to deal with multiple partners, despite having myriad development needs. My approach is multi-faceted meeting all your needs, in what I often refer to as ‘The C-Suite’.

Challenging for change
I’ll be your Therapist, Coach, Consultant, Mentor and Advisor all in one, because not only have I trained extensively in this area, but I have also worked at C-Level in major organisations earlier in my career. I lived with many of the worries you face daily.

Sometimes it may not be an easy ride: I’m prepared to provoke and challenge, whilst holding you in a psychologically safe, non-judgemental space, where you can be your absolute self.

Positive outcomes and career progression
You’ll want to know what you can concretely achieve with me, and the likely outcomes. I am results-oriented, so together we set goals that are both realistic and realizable. Plus, it’s worth noting that I won’t engage in any kind of triangular HR process. My relationship is discrete, and solely with you. I won’t be reporting back to your HR function or your boss, even if they pay the bill.  Trust is paramount.

Leaders often report a new level of self awareness, better work life balance without guilt, and a feeling of greater authenticity. Real inner-confidence replaces vulnerability, silencing the inner critic and the pesky Imposter, and they feel better equipped to lead others, which results in strong and genuine followership.

Statistically, following on from working in my programmes:

  • 70% of Executives gain promotion within 12 months.
  • 20% of the Executives find their purpose outside of the corporate arena and go on to found a business.

Inner Game Executive Coaching 

What exactly is the Inner-Game?  It’s all of the parts you don’t want anybody to see, and yet they leak out through your behaviours.  The inner-game controls the imposter that tells you you’ll be found out soon enough.  The inner-game employs the inner-critic who likes to make you feel like you can’t do something, or when you do, it tells you what a mess you made of it.  The inner-game beckons you to the wine rack on a school night.  It makes you un-trusting of your colleagues.  It makes you stay quiet when you ought to speak up.  It makes you believe you are the only one in the room who doesn’t know what the Finance Director is talking about.  The inner-game wants to keep you small, make you feel stupid, and stop you from moving out of your comfort zone. It wants you to stay STUCK IN THE STRUGGLE.

You’ll know the inner-game well.  The challenge is, most of us like to ignore or avoid it’s antics because it’s easier that way.  Or is it? I’d argue that it isn’t.  When you choose to engage in the inner-game, it really is GAME CHANGING.  It’s the key to finding that extra bit of your potential that remains untapped.  And it is in this bit, that lies the easier, more balanced, more authentic life you’d love.  Ahhhh, imagine that for a moment.

I offer Executive Coaching programmes which are totally unique because I teach you to the master of your inner-game.  First up, I do not subscribe to the non-directive coaching style so please don’t expect an endless sea of open questions. Having been an executive, I know how demanding it is, and I believe today’s leaders need a coach who can challenge, provoke and observe unhelpful behavioural patterns that keep them stuck. This isn’t transactional coaching aimed at making you better at the job. This is an ‘inner-game’ approach which will get right under the skin and make you a a a better human which will, in turn make you a better leader.

If you are looking for a yes person or somebody to give your ego a boost, I am not the coach for you. That said, I am empathic and supportive, bringing as much heart as I do backbone, so you’ll be held in a safe environment to explore the inner-game.

I blend coaching, mentoring and trusted-advising with powerful neuroscience based techniques to help leaders reach a whole new level of resilience, free themselves from limiting beliefs, and escape imposter syndrome.

Having spent many years working at senior levels in business change and strategy, both in corporate environments and in consulting, I know what it takes to achieve high levels of performance and I will help you to unleash your potential.

 How we engage 

I will meet with you to assess your needs and we can tailor a programme to suit you. I work differently with every leader because every leader has different needs. It’s my job to adapt to you, not your job to fit a programme.

Typical Investment starts at £5k.

A contract will be created at the outset of our relationship together which will outline the outcomes you are wanting to achieve.

I choose not to work in a triangulated way, reporting findings back to a sponsor. This erodes trust and authenticity, so whilst the organisation might fund the coaching, the relationship must remain between the client and me, with no third-party involvement.

GC Index Personal Profiling

Would you like to know what impact you have in your organisation?  Would you like to be empowered to understand how you can make positive change and boost your own performance.

Engage with me and using the GC Index (registered mark) profiling tool, I can help you understand where your natural energies lie and how you can enhance these to take your performance to the next level.

Individual Profiles and Feedback £247

Team profiles or multiple profiles – POA

View me on The GC Index

 Why Choose Me?

Despite all the certificates, I’m as down to earth as they come, I use plain English and I have as big a heart as I have a strong backbone. I’m real, far from perfect and I’ve got your back.

“​Angela passionately engaged with the audience at the Nestle Senior Leadership Event, making us connect with her experiences.  Such a powerful speech about the power of being the best version of yourself. Don’t wait in the queue to be happy, live your life now. Thanks Angela, your session resonated so much.”

Ana Maria, Head of Supply Chain, Nestle

“I recently heard Angela speak at an event. My role as a HR director means I have heard many speakers at events, and I can say with confidence that she is one of the most confident, inspiring, and genuine speakers I have heard. If you are looking for a speaker who not only has a story to tell, but can also deliver a message in an authentic, clear, entertaining manner that will drive genuine and sustainable behavioural change in the audience, then look no further than Angela Cox.”

Kathy Allison - HRD

“I have had lots of executive coaching over the years but nothing like this. Angela has a talent for cutting right through the layers of nonsense. She had me wanting to run away so many times but it was in those moments the transformative change occurred. Angela picks up on language a lot and plays back phrases that fell out of my mouth which didn’t support the goals I wanted. She spots when I was spinning a line and she observes body language like a hawk too. She showed me how I look away whenever I am giving my opinion and how this erodes the trust equation. The limiting belief work was incredible. She took me back to a memory when I was four and this has allowed me to step into my courage and really step up. I would encourage everyone to work with Angela. She is a rare breed”

Jane Bradley, Executive Leader, US Bank

“Angela’s instincts are razor sharp. I initially engaged her to work through some professional deliberations but she immediately identified some underlying personal beliefs that were clouding my thinking. Angela challenges, it’s not always a comfortable ride, but she does so with great empathy, built from her extensive training and life experiences. The outcome is always impactful and transformative, I couldn’t recommend her more highly. ”

Holly Joint, Transformation Executive at a Top Bank in the Middle East

“Angela is fantastic. We set out with an open agenda (my organisation had chosen me to work with her) and covered so many key themes in my life, how they have affected my relationships and options I might have to work through them. Literally life-changing, in a positive and 100% supportive way. She has a particular skillset which is almost magical – she can take a single phrase or sentence, which might be no more than an aside by the coachee, and explore that to reveal fundamental influences on that individual.”

Senior Leader, Pret A Manger

“I started working with Angela in January 2020. I wanted to start my own business; I had an idea but didn’t know how to go about turning that idea into anything more. Over the coming months she carefully got me to work out what that the business would look like, how to come up with a name/branding/colours etc for it and how to organise pricing’. I cannot summarise the enormous impact that working with Angela has had on me. I am so much more confident in my abilities. She has challenged me when I needed it and nudged me over the finishing line. I now have a growing business, clients and a whole lot of self-respect and faith in myself! I get asked a lot about how I’ve got to where I am in a space of a year and my answer is the same. If you can afford to….invest in yourself. By working with Angela, you uncover what your passion is and how you can go about turning that dream/idea/desire into an actual business Forgo those coffees, new clothes, meals out and put the money into your own development. Angela is an absolute professional you will be in safe hands and she’ll help you unlock your potential.”

Caroline O’Callaghan, Founder, The Business Aide

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