Feeling Frazzled?  It could be the cortisol effect!

I’ve always been able to recognise a stressed individual in the workplace. They are usually the ones who growl when they put the phone down, they drink copious amounts of coffee and are often chained to the desk morning, noon and night trying to get through the mountains of work they have taken on.

I have periods of stress too, when I take on too much (self-inflicted always), I don’t allow myself time to smell the roses for fear of not hitting the ridiculous goals I often set myself or I’m working through some of the tougher elements of my past.
Because I know how stress feels, I know what to look for in myself and others. The international Stress Management Association describes stress as ‘an adverse reaction people have to excessive pressure or other demands placed upon them’
Let’s understand what happens when we are stressed. Stress is a feeling that is created through a hormonal reaction in the nervous system called ‘fight or flight’. In my parent’s era people suffered with stress but were more likely to refer to it as ‘having problems with my nerves’ – think Dot Cotton from Eastenders.

When we are stressed, either emotionally or physi