Orton Hall Hotel & Spa, Peterborough, Fri 21st to Sun 23rd June 2019

Are you stuck?

Do you need help to unlock your potential?  Quit the self-sabotaging cycle and discover the best version of you?

Do you even know what the best version of you looks like?

Do you struggle to prioritise YOU, set goals but rarely see them through and constantly beat yourself up for not being better, stronger, slimmer?

Are you pushed for time and just need to find a solution quickly.  A roadmap to illuminate the way?

If you need guidance with any of this, MeTreat is for you.

The MeTreat weekend will assist you to build your ‘Best Me’ transformation map, guiding you to bring change to all the aspects of your life you wish to improve.

You will gain a detailed understanding of your current state which is critical to enable change. You’ll realise why you might be stuck there and how you can move towards a brighter, shinier best version of you in the future. We will not only visualise your future, we will document the incremental steps needed to get you there so you will leave feeling fully equipped & ready to make it happen.

MeTreat is an immersive, collaborative & transformational weekend, full of practical experiences & guidance that will make you think and act differently. There wont be a power-point slide in sight. A blend of hard work and relaxation in a spa hotel setting, over two days and two nights.  This is not a retreat, it’s a MeTreat, a gift to you that will allow you to immerse yourself in self-discovery, providing focus and time for you to visualise and discover who you are and who you will become.

​The methodology I use is a blend of tried and tested performance improvement techniques, business transformation, life coaching, neuro linguistic programming & emotional freedom techniques incorporated into a unique approach I have developed using business transformation approaches.

Former MeTreaters have described the experience as transformative, life-altering and awakening.

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