A place for you to train your brain, wear your
positive pants and tackle those demons daily.

Why do you need a Mindset Gym? I have learned from experience that the best way to sustain long term change, be it weight loss, fitness, at work or at home, is to maintain a mindset of growth and positivity and the ability to come from a place of ‘I can do this’. Your best life awaits you and a regular trip to the Mindset Gym can help you live it.

You’ll be part of an exclusive community of 300 members led by best selling self-help author and mindset Mentor, Angela Cox.


The mindset gym is open Monday-Friday 0700-2200

All exclusive content which will not be found on any of Angela’s other social channels. Plus support, guidance, your posts and questions answered and a whole heap more.

Mindset Gym Membership

Terms and conditions

Membership fee will be taken on the 25th of each month for the month ahead with a month’s membership running from 1st of each month.
If payments are not made on the 25th the member will no longer be able to access the group and its content.
A limited number of members will be part of the group at any one time to keep the content exclusive and allow everyone the chance to take part.
Members will be asked to respect the group guidelines to ensure a safe and judgement free environment.
Should any member breach the groups’ guidelines they will be notified and posts may be deleted. Where appropiate, members can be removed
from the group at the discretion of the administrators with a partial refund issues (50p per remaining day of membership).