Personal Coaching

How does it feel to be trapped in the relentless cycle of self-sabotage? Are you fulfilling your absolute potential or feeling stuck thanks to your limiting beliefs and behaviour cycles?  Are you ready to take the leaps and discover your best, true and authentic self and unleash the greatest version of you? If yes, my unique, tried and tested programmes are for you.

You can work with me at private practice in London (a stones throw from Holborn tube station), in Bedfordshire   I know your anonymity is key so I’ve chosen locations for my offices that don’t require sign in books, waiting rooms or receptionists.  And thanks to the joy of technology, we can work together over video call which allows me to access clients all over the world.

Whether you’re an executive, smashing it in your career, a corporate leader, a professional or a seasoned entrepreneur, I get you!  Why?  Because you’re human and as humans we share the limiting fears and self-doubt designed to keep us safe.  You’ve done a great job in reaching great heights despite this, but I know it can be exhausting.  The things you carry around in the internal rucksack make it so much more difficult to scale to the summit that it needs to be.  The self-imposed limitations and the subsequent beliefs that accompany them, can render you stuck under a self-built ceiling that needn’t exist.  Let’s make life easier, and allow you to unleash your absolute potential without the shackles weighing you down. You can have it all and that’s where I come in.

The Client Journey

Stop Being Stuck 

Getting you unstuck, cutting the shackles and stopping you from sabotaging your efforts.

Digging under the skin of that crippling fear that stops you from getting the success you deserve.

Pinpointing the exact moment in your past when you decided to believe something about yourself that keeps you stuck in your comfort zone.

Neutralising the traumas that continuously trigger you, no matter how much you feel you have ‘put them in a box’

Listening to those ‘self-stories’ and inoculating you against them so you can be free from self-doubt.

Using a powerful blend of life coaching and neuroscience techniques this intense breakthrough session will produce valuable insights and aha moments which will leave you speechless.  The Stop Being Stuck breakthrough will identity and reprogramme your limiting beliefs, eliminate fears and provide the motivation and momentum for change. This programme will unlock the door to your future and help your past take it’s place in history. The 3 hour session delivers priceless value and has created huge shifts for my clients and I know it will do the same for YOU.

Build the Belief

Imagine having unwavering belief in YOU?

This immersive, thought provoking and challenging programme will change the way you think, feel and behave. I’ll be using my tried and tested methodology as a framework yet adapting to your own personal needs as we progress. You’ll start with the Stop Being Stuck Breakthrough (detailed above and continue with a series of sessions and supported by materials, that will identify your core beliefs, help you see how these beliefs have kept you stuck before reprogramming the subconscious tapes that sabotage your efforts to move forward.  We’ll undertake tasks between calls to build self-awareness and esteem.  This can include trauma healing where appropriate.

Typically lasting 4-6 months, this programme builds self-belief, courage, confidence and badass-ery! You’ll feel primed and ready to be your best.

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Forge your Future

Creating & feeling free to live the life that your truly deserve

This is the ultimate programme is multi-faceted and will act as your compass as you set a new direction.

We clear the clutter from the past, build a new set of beliefs and transform your life in line with your wants and desires.

Starting with everything you will find in the Build the Belief programme, we continue with a full current analysis of your life before a future state creation is developed which will build a roadmap for change. No stone is left unturned during this 6-8-month programme. When you have discovered who you truly are underneath all of the armour, you often need a hand to grow into that new version of you, and that’s why I’ll be in your pocket the whole time, supporting you through.

This is for those clients who are truly committed to making a change for the better and is not for the faint-hearted.

It will take hard-work and a desire to face up to the things that have been holding you back.

The end result will be breathtaking.

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Bespoke Approach 

Clients have many and varying needs and my programme approach is not always fitting.

An alignment call will help us to work out the right strategy for you, whether that be a one-off session, a number of sessions to solve a specific issue or the Life Coach in your pocket approach which means I support you ongoing.

Contact me using the form below and we can connect and work things out.

“Up until I had my breakthrough session with Angela, I was skeptical. I didn’t believe that events in my childhood shaped my behaviour in adulthood as I didnt think it was relevant to me.  Well how wrong was I?

Angela helped me connect all the dots and I now have such a better understanding of myself and my pattern of behaviour and beliefs which I found out were formed in those early years. I feel so much lighter and at peace with myself after just one session and I’m excited to continue working with Angela. It’s certainly eye opening and the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

Worth every single penny.”

Emma Farmer

“Mentoring and Coaching for Angela is an intrinsic part of who she is. I invested in a 6-month programme with her and personally responded well to her friendly, open and flexible approach.  Nothing is ever set in stone, butt she doesn’t let you meander off the path you are trying to go down by accident or avoidance.  Instead, she helps you focus on the task at hand.

What I appreciated the most was that having reached out initially, I felt overwhelmed at trying to organise the sessions and explain what I needed.  Angela took time to contact me by phone, talk through my questions and put a plan together that worked for me.

Angela has really transformed my perception of not only myself, but also the way I perceive others and the world that surrounds me – in essence she has helped me to engage with being the best version of myself. She has allowed me to have trust and confidence in myself and not fall prey to fear. It doesn’t mean that life is suddenly without its challenges, what it means is I am in the mindset and position to deal with them in a way I was unable to previously.

I cannot recommend Angela highly enough.

Zahra Nanji

Life Coaching Client Story

I was upfront with Angela, I explained that I can slip into coaching processes, rather than just allow myself to experience the coaching techniques for what they can provide me. Over the first phone call, I was quite apprehensive, having just had a terrible experience with someone who really didn’t have the skills to support me. I wasn’t sure about whether Angela could be strong enough and patient enough to get me where I needed to be. Luckily for me, Angela and I felt there was a strong enough reason to get together and have a face to face meeting. That first session, we discussed what I wanted from coaching. Angela also shared that after the first phone ca