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How does it feel to be trapped in the relentless cycle of self-sabotage? Are you fulfilling your ultimate potential?  Are you ready to take the leaps and discover your best, true and authentic self? If yes, my unique, tried and tested programmes are for you.

You can work with me at one of my therapy rooms in London (a stones throw from Holborn tube station), in Bedfordshire or over video call.  Because video call works so well, I have clients all over the world.

I love to serve people and being an empath, I can see right to the your very heart, helping you uncover the things that hold you back. Sharing the benefit of my experience gained through overcoming my own personal pain, shame and challenges coupled with the years helping others to be their best in organisations, I am perfectly positioned to partner with you. I’m fully accredited in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Havening, Emotional Freedom & Matrix Techniques, Nutrition and Weight Management and mentoring to help you flourish. I’m also an accredited member of the ACCPH & the Life Coach Directory. I’ve found my purpose and I want to help.

The Client Journey

Breakthrough Programme

Using a powerful blend of life coaching and neuroscience techniques this intense breakthrough session will produce valuable insights and aha moments which will leave you speechless.  The breakthrough will identity and reprogramme your limiting beliefs, eliminate fears and provide the motivation and momentum for change. This programme will unlock the door to your future and help your past take it’s place in history. The session delivers huge amounts of value and has created huge shifts for my clients. 3 hours face to face or 2 x 90 minute video calls.


‘Find Me’ Programme

Typically lasting 2-3 months, this immersive, thought provoking and challenging programme, using my tried and tested methodology as a framework yet adapting to your own personal needs as we progress. You’ll engage in a series of sessions that will identify your core beliefs, help you see how these beliefs have kept you stuck before reprogramming the subconscious tapes that sabotage your efforts to move forward.  We’ll undertake tasks between calls to build self-awareness and esteem.  This can include trauma healing where appropriate.

Breakthrough session plus 4 additional 75 minute sessions

£1547 (payable in three instalments).

Ultimate Transformation Programme

Everything from the Find Me programme PLUS a full current analysis and future state creation which will build a roadmap for change. Experience tells me that most people take 3 months to adapt to change and make it ‘sticky’ so this additional support will be invaluable. When you have discovered who you truly are underneath all of the armour, you often need a hand to grow into that new version of you, so this programme is ideal, as it supports you through.

3 hour breakthrough plus 4 x 75 minute and 6 x 60 minute sessions

You’ll also benefit from unlimited support via WhatsApp between sessions.

This programme is run over 4-6 months.

£2597 (Payable in three instalments)

Additional insight can be delivered via the GC Index profiling tool (£120)

Limiting Belief Identification

This one-off 60 minute session will discover your main limiting belief and re-imprint it leaving you free to move forward without the limitation.


Individual Coaching Sessions – 60 minutes £237 or 3 sessions for £647

Hourly Maintenance Sessions for clients post programme £210

Bespoke Hypnotherapy Recording – £95

“Up until I had my breakthrough session with Angela, I was skeptical. I didn’t believe that events in my childhood shaped my behaviour in adulthood as I didnt think it was relevant to me.  Well how wrong was I. Angela helped me connect all the dots and I now have such a better understanding of myself and my pattern of behaviour and beliefs which I found out were formed in those early years. I feel so much lighter and at peace with myself after just one session and I’m excited to continue working with Angela. It’s certainly eye opening and the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Worth every single penny.”

Emma Farmer

“I invested in Angela’s 12 week Transform programme and highly recommend it for anybody wanting to embark upon a period of change.  Angela is so easy to talk to and really gets to the source of your self imposed limitations and empowers you to create a full strategy for change which is simple to follow.  I’ve really enjoyed the mixture of tools and techniques Angela works with such as mindset work, tapping and NLP – it’s a true holistic approach to personal transformation.  I’d highly recommend Angela.  I’m also now a member of the Mindset Gym which is full of value too.”

Leanne Culloden

Life Coaching Client Story

I was upfront with Angela, I explained that I can slip into coaching processes, rather than just allow myself to experience the coaching techniques for what they can provide me. Over the first phone call, I was quite apprehensive, having just had a terrible experience with someone who really didn’t have the skills to support me. I wasn’t sure about whether Angela could be strong enough and patient enough to get me where I needed to be. Luckily for me, Angela and I felt there was a strong enough reason to get together and have a face to face meeting. That first session, we discussed what I wanted from coaching. Angela also shared that after the first phone call, she questioned whether she might be able to work with me. We discussed this and because of her honesty and keenness to ‘do the right thing’ for me, I felt I could relax a little more and trust that whilst coaching sessions might not always run smoothly, we were a good fit for each other. I opened up very slowly over time, so I am glad I chose the 12 weeks of coaching option!

Read Julia’s Story

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