Mindset Gym Membership

£19.99 on the 25th of each month and a £10.00 sign-up fee

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Sign up now for £10.00 giving you access to the Mindset Gym and all the content posted to date plus the monthly subscription which is £19.99 pro rata (meaning if you join midway through a month you will pay approx. half of the £19.99 monthly subscription.

Further payment will then be taken on each 25th of each month, £19.99 per month.

Within 24 hours after sign up, you will sent a link to join the group via email so do ensure your email address is correct.

871 in stock

First payment prorated. Next payment: October 25, 2019

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Invest in ‘You’ by joining the Mindset Gym. You will benefit from daily support. education and motivation to help you achieve your goals.

Subscribe here for your rolling monthly membership and then click here to add yourself to the group.


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