Motivational Speaking and Seminars

I’m told I was born to present. I certainly have a real passion for sharing stories and firing up a crowd with thought provoking content and powerful, hard-hitting messages.

Using my personal story as the backdrop, I share my message ‘Finding your Best-Self & Keeping it’.

I share my own lessons and translate these into takeaways that will help others change. With focus on growth mind-set, reframing the inner-critic, self-belief & personal motivation, dealing with negativity and living authentically, I take the audience on a journey, leaving them with no doubt that they are capable of making change happen.

It’s all delivered with oodles of energy, lots of straight talking, the odd anthem, very few big words and a large dose of heart.

​I heard you speak and your story impacted me deeply. I have now transformed my own life, lost 3 stones, changed my career and I’m happy for the first time in forever, and that’s down to you

Julie P.

Speaking Enquiries


Feel free to contact me regarding motivational speaking at events.