Welcome to this week’s episode of The Mindset Mentor Meets Podcast which hears Angela interviewing Chris Chidley, Managing Director at Compass Group, Ireland 

About our guest

Chris took up the position of Managing Director Ireland in January 2019. He first joined Compass Group over 9 years ago and has worked across a variety of roles including concept development, supply chain and business development. As Managing Director for Compass Group Ireland, he brings 18 years of industry experience to bear in driving the continued growth of the company.
Chris believes in putting customers first and shares the Compass ethos of using fresh, locally sourced and sustainable produce to deliver bespoke packages carefully tailored to customer’s needs.
Chris is a transformational business leader with a track record of implementing winning strategies for businesses. He has extensive experience in sustainable net growth, client relations, commercial turnaround and process management. Chris loves to work with people who share his passion and commitment to creating a best in class customer experience.

About this show

Chris shares his proudest moments which include how he reached career goals he set for himself in a personal 5-year plan. The advice written in a letter from his dad has driven him to try new things, even if he feels the fear when doing so. 

He generously shares how he mustered the courage to relocate in order to carry out his new role and with the support of his wife and family, is forging a different way of life that brings work-life balance, challenge and personal well-being. 

Chris explains how his view on leadership has changed with age and he has been able to remove the mask he thought it necessary to wear in his early management career and emerge as an authentic leader.

An uplifting and inspiring half hour.

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About the Host
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