Welcome to this week’s episode of The Mindset Mentor Meets Podcast which hears Angela interviewing Pin van Baarsen, CEO at Silverstone Technology Cluster.

About our guest
Pim joined the Motorsport Industry Association after completing a Master’s degree in business studies. During his time there he was presented with the AIM Young Business Person of the Year award for his efforts in helping the organisation grow. He subsequently joined transmission specialists Xtrac where he oversaw their sportscar activities. After two years there he was invited to join Haymarket as Group Marketing Manager. In 2010, Pim co-founded CMA Marketing, a marketing agency specialising in technical B2B marketing. In December 2016 Pim was asked to head up the Silverstone Technology Cluster alongside his ongoing role in the agency.

About this show
Pim shares his ethos for experimentation and trying new things and how this led him to find a career he loves. He graciously admits he has a habit of saying the wrong thing and is always the first the hold his hands up. We discuss goal setting and Pim highlights the risk that comes with it in terms of reaching a destination and then losing motivation.  Instead, Pim prefers adjusting the horizon often and continuing to move forward. 

Pim has an admiration for perfectionism and those who achieve high levels of excellence through deliberate and consistent practice and focus on the small details that make the difference.  It’s something he aspires to. He believes enjoying the journey is key.

An uplifting and inspiring half hour.

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About the Host
Angela Cox, Mindset Mentor is an award-winning behavioural change life coach. She works with leaders and professionals helping them to stop being stuck, build the belief and unleash their absolute potential.
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