Welcome to this week’s first episode of The Mindset Mentor Meets Podcast which hears Angela interviewing Emma Derby, HR Director at _VOIS, Vodafone.

About our guest
Emma is an experienced HR Director with a demonstrated history of working in the telecoms and technology industry. Emma has a BA in computer science and an MSc in comms, PR & advertising and she spent time studying in the USA in her early twenties before moving back to the UK. She has held a number of senior positions at Vodafone including Head of HR for different divisions of the business and recently moved into the HR Director role for _VOIS, Vodafone Intelligent Solutions, which sees her supporting teams across the globe.

About this show
Emma shares how she balances life as HRD which sees her travelling across the globe and being a wife and mum to James. She shares how despite being career-minded, she has found a way to do both and has never missed a key milestone when it comes to her son’s development.

Emma bravely shares the moment she heard her father was ill whilst she was thousands of miles away and how his subsequent battle with cancer, and sad passing, has understandably shaped her and how she sees the world.

There won’t be many women who can say they were offered a job whilst giving birth, but this is part of Emma’s story and after returning from maternity leave, she forged her way to the position she holds now.  

Emma has a passion for encouraging the people she hires to be focussed on doing the right thing and firmly belives this must become ahead of technical know-how.  She shares her take on authenticity and vulnerability and why being the same person at home and work is important. 

An uplifting and inspiring half hour.

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About the Host
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