Welcome to this week’s episode of The Mindset Mentor Meets Podcast which hears Angela interviewing John Verge, CEO at Golden Lane Housing.

About our guest
John is CEO of Golden Lane Housing, and has worked for the UK learning disability housing association set up by Mencap for 20 years. During his time at Golden Lane Housing, the organisation has lead on innovative solutions for thousands of people with a learning disability and autism across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and won a variety of national awards for their social impact bonds and specialist services. He has a Masters in Housing Studies, MBA from Warwick Business School and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Housing and Royal Society of Arts. 

About this show
John shares so much wisdom in this episode from a pragmatic and balanced perspective.

John explains that through his experiences he has recognised that when things aren’t going so well at work, in a project or situation, it often comes down to people either not being engaged, not having confidence, or not being fully bought in.  This causes him to reflect back on his own actions and learn lessons to allow him to communicate more effectively moving forward. 

He is a true believer in reflection before action and rather than jump to conclusions, would prefer to think first and assess a situation so he can make a balanced decision. 

His allotment provides lots of mindfulness activity for John and is the key to him feeling relaxed and stress free. 

An uplifting and inspiring half hour.

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About the Host
Angela Cox, Mindset Mentor is an award-winning behavioural change life coach. She works with leaders and professionals helping them to stop being stuck, build the belief and unleash their absolute potential.
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