Welcome to this week’s episode of The Mindset Mentor Meets Podcast which hears Angela interviewing Paul O’Sullivan, Managing Director at Accenture.

About our guest
Paul is a Managing Director at Accenture with over 10 years’ experience of large scale enterprise transformation and innovation. Paul joined Accenture in October 2017 after a long career in the financial services sector where he delivered the first mobile banking platform in the UK. Since then, Paul’s passion for technology and agile has led him to deliver a number of innovation solutions. Result orientated, Paul maximises the use of modern and emerging technology to help clients innovate and solve real problems. 

About this show
Paul is refreshingly honest and we discuss imposter syndrome, vulnerability and overcoming fear. He looks upon the tasks he undertakes as experiments and likes to break things down into small steps, measuring the value of each thing he achieves. If he makes mistakes, he takes the learning and adapts how he moves forward. 

He ultimately believes that he deserves to be where he is and in moments of doubt, he reminds himself of the things he has achieved to bring him to the current situation. He anchors himself back to times when he has thrived. 

We explore how he keeps his self-belief high, how he takes care of his mindset and what he does when things don’t go his way.

An uplifting and inspiring half hour.

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About the Host
Angela Cox, Mindset Mentor is an award-winning behavioural change life coach and specialist in psychology and neuroscience of mental health. She works with leaders and professionals helping them to stop being stuck, build the belief and unleash their absolute potential.

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