Welcome to this week’s episode of The Mindset Mentor Meets Podcast which hears Angela interviewing Matthew Blagg, CEO at Criticaleye.

About our guest

A true entrepreneur, Matthew’s experiences setting up businesses, advising firms on strategy and corporate development and sourcing senior executives for boards have shaped his role as CEO of Criticaleye. His acute understanding of the challenges facing today’s leaders means he is well positioned to advise individuals in these roles. Matthew believes that executive collaboration needs careful framing and management so that senior executives get the most out of sharing information and ideas. He also thinks that in an increasingly complex landscape where leaders ‘don’t know what they don’t know’, CEOs should be seizing the opportunity to learn and gain insight from the wider business community.

Before Criticaleye, Matthew founded a strategic consulting firm. In this role, he advised firms across a diverse range of sectors, from venture capital to telecommunications, and took responsibility for the international operations of a UK listed business services company, establishing and maintaining its relationships across Europe, the Middle-East, Central Asia, North and Latin America. In 1990, he founded a successful mail order business which he sold in 1995.
Matthew has extensive chairing experience having facilitated a variety of events on topics from strategy implementation to emerging economies. Recently, he has broadened these chairing skills to include the facilitation of intensive strategic sessions for the boards of leading UK organisations. He also continues to be a well respected sounding board for several Members within the Criticaleye Community, having established a trusted reputation for sharing both honest and practical insights.

He is also a Member of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’s Development Board and a keen sportsman.


About this show

Matthew is just amazing. Angela loved this conversation and Matthew shares how he built and sold a business by the time he was 24 and went on to build a further 3 companies including his current one, Criticaleye. He believes working with people brings a richness to his life and being curious about people keeps him feeling full of life.
He didn’t go to university and describes himself as ‘academically useless.’ His exposure to all aspects of business from leaving school, has meant this hasn’t mattered at all. He felt the fear in those early years and was often a swan swimming, yet this feeling of being uncomfortable has helped him build resilience that means new experiences don’t phase him.
He prides himself on not having a visible ego and believes hard work and facing insecurities has contributed to his success.
This half hour really is a joy.

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