Welcome to this week’s episode of The Mindset Mentor Meets Podcast which hears Angela interviewing Bea Wray, Renowned Speaker and Best-Selling Author.

About our guest

Bea Wray’s constant faith, carefree optimism, servant’s heart and a strong sense of commitment, paired with a relentless determination are qualities that led her to be a forerunner of female empowerment.
Despite earning degrees from both Harvard Business School and Emory University, when her 18-year marriage failed, Bea found herself confused, shouldering $700,000 of personal debt, and struggling alone to take care of and financially provide for her three young kids. Bea never gave up or admitted defeat.
After years of hard work, Bea dug herself out of debt and has wowed the corporate world with leadership, organizational and sales talents. Today she is a coveted speaker, author and business consultant.

About this show

Bea talks about how she decided to take 4 children on her own for 90 days travelling across Australia and says that she has more guts than sense. 

When working in publishing she never imagined she would publish a book herself as she knew how hard it was but with the help and advice from a friend, that she first thought was the wrong advice, she ended up with 3 publishing deals. 

Bea says that sometimes what may seem like a problem in your life can turn out to be one of your greatest successes. 
When Bea was asked how she faced all the adversity she did with a smile on her face, her response was “well I can’t do it with a frown.”

An uplifting and inspiring half hour.

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