Welcome to this week’s episode of The Mindset Mentor Meets Podcast which hears Angela interviewing Prerna Goel, Head of Customer Experience at Clearbank.

About our guest

Prerna Goel is a senior operations executive who has over 17 years of experience in banking, technology and payments across India, US, Canada and UK. She was awarded Electronic Transaction Association forty under 40 in 2020, a global recognition for pioneers in the world of payments.

She has co-founded Vriksh Impact Partners, a boutique investment and advisory firm curating early stage plant-based businesses in India and Clinica Fai, a eye and face enhancement clinic offering state of the art oculofacial aesthetic services to patients globally.

Additionally, Prerna works at ClearBank®(London) as Head of Customer Experience, where Prerna is responsible for delivering a smooth experience across the customer lifecycle. Being one of the initial members of the ClearBank® team, she has helped the Bank mobilise its license in 2016 to grow into one of the leading disruptors within the banking and payments industry. Prior to ClearBank®, Prerna was the Head of Payment Operations at Metro Bank, (London), driving excellence across the bank’s entire payment journey, from process refinement to product delivery.

Before Metro, Prerna worked at Capital One where she delivered numerous transformational projects and traversed various countries (US, Canada and UK). It was at Capital One that she pioneered the UK business risk office’s implementation of LEAN culture across organisation-wide processes. It was also during her time at Capital One that Prerna set up the Digital Operations function in Toronto and led the Canadian Customer Acquisition Operations team through significant growth and expansion. Prior to an internationally diverse experience at Capital One, Prerna spent five years in Leveraged Finance at Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (Toronto) and three years as a software developer at Texas Instruments (Bangalore). Prerna laid the foundation for her career at BITS, Pilani (India) where she received her BEng (Hons.) in Computer Science, followed by an MBA (Finance) at Smith School of Business (Queen’s University), Canada.

While not working, you can spot her enthusiasm for new adventures as she hikes through unexplored parts of the world with her cherished camera in hand and her dogs, Picasso and Dali, in tow.

About this show

Prerna talks about her schooling in India and how she came first in the state for her 12th year (equivalent to A-levels) in over 3 million students! It was the first time for someone in her school and it was the point in her life where she realised she could achieve something big and significant.

She talks about her 40th birthday bucket list and how 2020 has put a pause in her plans. She says it is important to have a bucket list, not because it motivates you to achieve certain things but it also teaches you how to deal with disappointment if you do not achieve it. 

Prerna talks about how it is never easy to put yourself out of your comfort zone. When she started her own business she worried whether people would want to listen to what she had to say and offer. 

She says lockdown has given us all the time to focus on our inner thoughts that we don’t usually get the time for. Time to reflect on your own life and your own choices.  Her motto is we should all take a leap of faith, what’s the worst that can happen. 

An uplifting and inspiring half hour.

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