Welcome to this week’s episode of The Mindset Mentor Meets Podcast which hears Angela interviewing Zach Dougolas, CEO Orega

About our guest

Orega is the UK’s leading independent serviced office provider with 18 locations across the UK.

Established in 2000, by Zachary Douglas and Paul Finch, Orega has almost two decades experience developing a unique approach to serviced offices.

The very first Orega business centre opened its doors in 2001. Since then, Orega have established a reputation for creating contemporary working environments with a focus on delivering unrivalled customer service to all of our clients.

About this show

Zach says one of his proudest moments is starting Orega over 20 years, he was in a good corporate job but felt there was more to life. He wanted to make decisions for himself and make a difference to people. The early start up years were difficult but looking back at a company that now employs over 90 people, operates up and down the country, has won awards, is a fair and decent employer and delivers great customer service makes him proud.

His early life after school was completely different to now. For nearly 10 years his day job was a boat builder and his night job was playing in rock bands. In his 20’s he went to night school to study business after struggling at school with dyslexia, that in those days went undiagnosed. 

Zach is a keen cyclist and Orega are sponsors of a Uganda charity that supports 240 children. Every year they raise funds by cycling over 450 miles around different countries. The money they raise supports the children in the charity for another year. 

An uplifting and inspiring half hour.

Follow Zach https://www.linkedin.com/in/zach-douglas-3846271/

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