Welcome to this week’s episode of The Mindset Mentor Meets Podcast which sees Angela interviewing Sam Bramwell, Solutions Director at Microsoft.


About our guest 

Sam has over 20 years experience in the IT and telecoms industry. Starting out just as the telco bubble hit our planet, Sam was fortunate to travel the world on the back of 3G working in startups, VC consultancies, SI’s & telco’s in a variety of roles from Marketing, Alliances and Business development. In 2006 She and her partner, Christophe made the decision to return to the UK to start their family. As an Ovarian cancer survivor at the age of 27, the path to having a family was a little unusual, but thanks to modern science and the kindness of others, she is a proud mum to two children aged 13 and 11 – Scarlett and Louis. She joined Microsoft in 2008 and has had a fantastic career to date, starting off in the Anti-piracy team, then becoming Chief of Staff for the UK CEO and now running & growing a fantastic business supporting public sector organisations. Sam is passionate about social justice and a keen advocate of Diversity, Inclusion and equality. She chairs the Women @ Microsoft UK community and is part of the global leadership team for the Worldwide community. At the moment she is championing Menopause in the workplace to ensure older women feel supported through this important life stage. Sam is also a trustee for a Charity Called Creating Better Futures, which aims to educate and feed orphaned and impoverished children in Zimbabwe.


About the Show 

What a breath of fresh air this show delivers. If you are craving authenticity, you’ll receive it in spades.

Sam opens up about her battle with Cancer and subsequent experience with egg donation and all of the emotional roller coaster rides that came with it.

Angela & Sam explore vulnerability in leadership and how hard it can be to show when you work in a corporate environment.

Sam explains she is a hippy at heart and is eloquent and generous sharing her lessons learnt, challenges and pom pom moments which we are sure will leave you wanting to cheer her on too! 

An amazingly strong woman with heart.


About the Host 

Angela Cox, Mindset Mentor is an award-winning behavioural change life coach. She works with leaders and professionals helping them to stop being stuck, build the belief and unleash their absolute potential.

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