Look for Reasons Why You Can, Not Why You Can’t with Adrian Moore

The greatest enemy we have in our lives that hinders our growth is often ourselves. We put boundaries and limits on what we can and cannot do. You may think that you’re protecting yourself by doing this, but you’re missing life-changing opportunities! Look for reasons why you can, not why you can’t do the things you want to do, and you’ll be surprised by how much more there is to experience in life.

In this episode, Allied Universal’s Operations Director Adrian Moore joins us to talk about the stories that shaped his mindset. He shares how he made the most out of his six-month garden leave. He also shares his three proudest moments and the adversities that made him stronger.

Tune in to this episode to know how you can live your best life!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Find out Adrian’s three proudest moments.
  2. Learn the mindset that pushed Adrian to accomplish his goals during his garden leave.
  3. Discover Adrian’s ultimate secret to success


Episode Highlights

[02:57] The First Place Adrian Wants to Go to After Lockdown

  • Depending on the time of the year, it would be skiing.
  • If not, he’d like to travel and go to different places.
  • He broke his ankle the year before when he was running.

[04:52] Adrian’s First Proudest Moment

  • The first one is leaving Visual Security Group after ten years of working there and starting his own business with former colleagues. It did not push through, and he ended up with six months of garden leave.
  • During his garden leave, he set goals that he wanted to do and wanted to achieve. He did mountaineering, learned how to skipper a boat, did life coaching, charity work, and supported local businesses.
  • He was also able to spend a lot of time with his children and family. Adrian says that he took the garden leave as a gift to go further into many things.

[06:39] The Mindset that Pushed Adrian

  • He didn’t want to waste the opportunity. He got to stay at home for six months while still having bills covered.
  • Adrian read different magazines and looked at the fun things his friends have done. He wrote a list of what he wanted to do and planned them out month by month.
  • Once he finished everything on the list, he felt like he was living his best life.

[08:37] Doing a Life Coaching Course

  • Adrian wanted to do something different when he went back to work. He wanted to go back with more experience and learnings.
  • Doing live coaching allowed him to better support, coach, and mentor his team.

[09:28] Adrian’s Second Proudest Moment

  • Children being born is one of the proudest moments. Adrian is a single dad to two girls, which he says is not an easy task.
  • After leaving VSG, it struck him that he got to transition from work to his children’s stability.
  • During that transition chapter, he realised how much planning this stability of daily life takes. He did it with his daughters as a team, and he got them involved in what he’s doing.
  • He wants to be part of the mundane aspects of parenting and be involved with his children’s school and everyday life.

[15:31] Adrian’s Third Proudest Moment

  • His father ran hospitality-related businesses in the Lake District for 30 years before he passed. Starting to work for his dad at 11 years old influenced Adrian’s mindset about business.
  • Before his father passed, he asked Adrian to look after three things: his mum, his sister, one of the businesses he had. He says that it was a fantastic and proud moment.
  • He sets up a call with his family as he promised his dad to keep them all going because they’re all in different parts of the UK.
  • Adrian joined the Army when he was 17. Then, he thought that his dad was disappointed in him because he didn’t go into the family business.
  • The knowledge he got from working in the restaurant at a young age set him up early.

[20:00] Coping with Being Far Away from His Mum

  • Because he’s always been away since 17, he copes through phone calls.
  • He’s now used to it, but he still tries to pay a visit as much as he can.

[22:03] The Adversities that Made Him Stronger

  • One of the key things is around a business contract he worked on while he was in VSG. They lost a major contract that they’ve worked on for 18 months, leading to huge revenue loss.
  • It was complete dead silence when he relayed the news to his team via conference call. But Adrian said that the exit of the contract needs to be just as professional as the entry. It wasn’t anyone’s fault; it was a business decision.
  • He made sure to look after all the people involved during that tough time. He had to keep his morale in the right place for the team and think about what happened on his own time.
  • Six weeks after his dad passed, his close colleague passed as well.
  • Adrian suggests jotting down some of the things you really want to do regardless of when you’ll do it. Look at the reasons why you can do it and what you’ll get out of it.

[32:20] Three Things that Put a Smile on His Face

  • Being around people he loves.
  • Getting out in the fresh air and exercising.
  • Seeing other people happy.

[33:07] The Ultimate Secret to Success

  • Don’t try and be great; be consistent in everything that you do.

5 Powerful Quotes

[06:39] ‘I think it was just that I didn’t want to waste the opportunity because how many people can say that they’ve got six months at home, they’re still fortunate enough to be paid and all the bills are still covered and things’

[12:24] ‘I want to be part of the actual, what I probably call the more mundane parts of parenting, in homework, the school life, and things as opposed to having all the great enjoyment of the weekends and things that most people in this position I suppose do’

[13:47] ‘If you make your bed in the morning, you’ll have accomplished a task first thing in the morning’

[24:45] ‘There are uncontrollables. And sometimes those are the things that really stretch you—stretch your mindset, stretch your attitude—to how you operate in life’

[30:57] ‘Don’t look at the boundaries and the reasons why you can’t; just think you can do it’


About Adrian Moore

Adrian Moore is the Operations Director of Allied Universal® for the UK and Europe. He is responsible for overseeing all operations’ documentation and developing long-term operational strategies for an efficient front-line workflow. Adrian had a successful military career before working in the financial security sector. He also worked as a Project Director and Operations Director of Vision Security Group for nine years.

To get in touch with Adrian, you can connect with him through LinkedIn.

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