The Game-Changing Index to Help You Make Better Decisions 

Think about your team right now – who are the people in your team and what do they do? If you immediately think about their job title, then you’re just scratching the surface of their true potential! People have natural tendencies and strengths waiting for you to foster and uncover. If you want to make better decisions for your team and company, then the Game-Changing Index may be your answer.

In this episode, Nathan Ott joins us to talk about how knowing the ways people create impact can change the way you look at your team forever. He explains that the wrong position and wrong atmosphere can cause people to underperform and burn out. Understanding your team and how they work together is crucial when you want to grow your business.

If you want to start making better decisions by understanding yourself and others, this episode is for you!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Understand that your strengths and weaknesses are the keys to making the right decisions.
  2. Discover the ways the Game-Changing Index can help you and your team flourish.
  3. Learn how to take failures and self-doubts as opportunities for growth and development.  


Episode Highlights

[02:07] Knowing Your Role Beyond the Job Title

  • Nathan shares that people can make an impact through five different ways under the GC Index.
  • He shares that by taking up the title of Chief Polisher instead of CEO, he can be himself and not have expectations of what he’s not.
  • When people know their role, people can work better together.

[04:22] Balancing Family and Professional Responsibilities

  • Nathan shares that keeping his family together despite the challenges of starting a company is one of his proudest accomplishments.
  • With family, people have more responsibilities and may value security a bit more.
  • Nathan shares that he sees risks differently from his wife, which keeps him grounded and avoids things he shouldn’t do.

[10:08] Failure Is A Part of Success

  • What’s the worst thing that could happen? Just do it.
  • If you can’t change something, then it’s all right. If we fail, it’s okay.
  • A lot of people are more worried about the things they’ll lose when things go wrong.

[12:08] Learning Your Strengths and Weaknesses

  • The GC Index has a scoring system that helps you know your key strengths and weaknesses. Both high and low scores can be strengths and weaknesses.
  • Nathan shares that strategists like articulating visions and making the messy unmessy. They typically think and find patterns and trends. This is a huge strength in companies.
  • However, the pandemic threw all our systems upside down.  In this case, the other types will do better than strategists.
  • In a pandemic, game changers and polishers can shine the most.
  • Listen to the full episode to hear more about the different types under the GC Index!  

[16:36] Authenticity and Finding the Right People

  • Nathan shares that it took him some time to become comfortable with himself.
  • Not only did the GC Index help Nathan be himself, but it also has the power of helping others become their most authentic selves.
  • By being true to yourself, you can bring value to the table no one else can.
  • By knowing yourself, you’ll be able to understand what will complement your skills and personalities.
  • We don’t grow and build a business alone. We need a team who will complement and fill each other’s gaps.  

[21:46] Building Trust with Your Team

  • Where can people be their best and be energized? You don’t want people running around pretending to be something they’re not.
  • Understand that people will shine best in some specific role.
  • Don’t worry about what you’re not good at. You have people who are there who can help.
  • When you foster where people are good at, it will naturally empower them and build a strong level of trust with the team.

[24:45] The Game-Changing Index

  • Remember that the index only reflects a particular moment in time. It changes as people change and grow.
  • If you’re acting, conforming, and trying to fit in, this will naturally reflect in your index.
  • Remember that it’s a journey of self-discovery and recognition of what you truly are.

[28:43] Turn Self-Doubt into Potential

  • People are amazing, but many tend to have self-doubt because they’re not in the right place or mindset.
  • As a leader, you have the power and ability to empower others and see where they can thrive.
  • Some people naturally burn out because they’re working in an area where they don’t get energized.  

[31:53] Nathan’s Secrets to Success

  • Nathan shares that it’s important to learn from older people and those who have a lot of experiences.
  • By learning from others, you can take their experiences and apply them to your life.
  • Remember that whatever you believe in will be true, whether you think you can do something or not.
  • Choose to believe in yourself. Take the little steps necessary to get things done.

5 Powerful Quotes from This Episode

[13:03] ‘Naturally, people go, ‘Oh, I need to get a ten’… What you see in the GC index is that a low score can be a strength and a weakness, a high score can be a strength and a weakness’.

[20:55] ‘We realized that we were not business people. We realized we are entrepreneurs… We brought in some individuals into both businesses, the GC and the EG.1… People always ask me,  ‘What’s my tips’? It’s, ‘Get someone that can help you scale your business’’.

[23:41] ‘You can do things that I can’t do, I could do things that you can’t do, but together, we’ll do great things’.

[26:44] ‘We do change. it is a moment in time and human beings aren’t always stable for whatever reason… Most of the time, those changes are explainable; we understand why they are. And if you’re in a position where you’re trying to be something that you’re not, you’re trying to conform and trying to fit in, You will see that reflected in your profile’.

[33:08] ‘Whether you think you can? Or whether you think you can’t? Either way, you’re going to be right’.

About Nathan Ott

Nathan Ott is the co-founder and chief polisher at The GC Index. After 20 years of working with business leaders to get and train the best talents, Nathan knew something was missing in the industry. His search led him to the ground-breaking GC Index. Nathan believes that everyone can make an impact and difference in the right set of environments and conditions.

Through a global community of GC Partners and GCologists, Nathan and his co-founder Dr John can help people worldwide, from Fortune CEOs to children in developing countries. Nathan is the co-author of two studies: The DNA of A Game Changer and The DNA of A Game-Changing Team. He also co-published Coaching Me, Coaching You.

Interested in Nathan’s work and taking an assessment yourself? Check out The GC Index.

You can also reach out to Nathan on LinkedInTwitter, and email (

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