The Importance of Doing What You Love 

Are you stuck in a corporate role right now, and you’re not enjoying what you do? As cliché as it sounds, life is short—so why not spend it doing something you love? That’s the message Claire Nutter brings to us in this episode.

Claire Nutter joins us to talk about her transition from a corporate job to creating her marketing agency, Cracked Foodservice Marketing. She shares her proudest moments in life, her journey to starting Cracked and what drove her decision to shift careers. Claire also discusses the importance of authenticity in business, the challenges of working from home and how she juggles multiple aspects of her life at once. You’ll also hear her take on the secret to success!

Tune in to this episode if you want to know why and how you can start doing what you truly enjoy!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Discover what you need to transition from a corporate job to entrepreneurship.
  2. Find out Claire’s guiding principles for success in building a business.
  3. Learn how Claire juggles multiple things at a time and how you can do it too.


Episode Highlights

[03:57] Claire’s Proudest Moments

  • The first thing that makes Claire the proudest is her daughter.
  • Claire feels guilty because she believes she works far more than she should, but her daughter takes an interest in her work and shows great maturity.
  • Claire wants her daughter to grow up knowing you have to work for what you want and that things don’t get handed to you on a plate.

[07:40] Transitioning from a Corporate Job

  • The difference with the transition was not working at set hours anymore. 
  • Claire would put in more hours into work. There was more pressure on her and a greater sense of responsibility she didn’t feel while working for a corporate organisation.
  • One of the reasons she started her business was because working for herself was always something she wanted to do.
  • Another reason was that she didn’t want to be involved in corporate politics anymore.

[09:39] Being Yourself

  • If you aren’t being yourself, it will be exhausting to put on a face and try to be someone you’re not.
  • Nowadays, children have access to all kinds of information and are less naïve.
  • It’s important to learn to be comfortable in your skin and be at peace with both the good and bad sides of yourself.

[12:34] Starting Cracked

  • Claire’s second proudest moment was starting Cracked. Her mindset was that if it didn’t work out, then she could just get another job.
  • She had a vision of what she wanted and saw an opportunity to create an agency that would bring together creativity and operations from a marketing perspective.
  • When she worked with big agencies during her corporate career, there was often a great amount of creativity, but no one would ever execute new ideas. They weren’t good at managing projects or relationships.
  • From day one, she wanted Cracked to be about every team member, not just her. However, it wasn’t easy to enact that because she still felt personally responsible for the business.
  • Listen to the full episode to hear more of Claire’s personal experience and struggles on starting Cracked!

[21:07] Working from Home

  • A marketing agency is all about exchanging ideas and bringing different parts of a business together to deliver a solution for their clients.
  • Working from home and having meetings online made it difficult to do that.
  • They spend a lot of time being trying to be more efficient since they deal with large files.
  • Some businesses might benefit more from working at home, but Cracked is a people-based business, so it doesn’t help.
  • Claire’s third proudest moment is surviving the last 12 months.

[23:46] Biggest Lessons Learned

  • Claire has learned never to be complacent. They make an effort to stay connected to their clients authentically by checking in on them.
  • It’s important to talk about when you feel good as well as when you don’t. Sometimes, Claire finds it cathartic to let out a good cry. 
  • There are some weeks where she’s better at juggling her responsibilities, but there’s no answer to it except for her relentlessness.
  • It’s okay for everyone to feel a little anxious during this lockdown. We all got used to our own company, so we have to learn to adapt to socialising beyond virtual worlds.

[33:44] Guiding Principles for Success

  • Claire’s first guiding principle she lives by is that you have got to love what you do. After all, why waste time on anything you don’t love doing?
  • The impact of having a job you do not enjoy has on your life is significant as work is where you spend most of your time.
  • Be yourself. Authenticity goes a long way.
  • Place value on engagement and relationships.
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. 

5 Powerful Quotes from the Episode

[09:42] ‘I think being yourself is one of the most important parts or things that you can be in your career’.

[10:47] ‘It’s really important from a role model perspective that you are comfortable or learn to be comfortable as yourself in your own skin for your good bits and your bad bits’.

[28:34] ‘Be the best version that you can today. And that might not be as good as you perhaps were yesterday or as energetic or as effervescent, but as long as it’s the best that you can bring now, then that’s okay’.

[34:55] ‘The day you wake up and dread going to work is the day you should find something else’.

[37:47] ‘Many of us are petrified of being wrong or making mistakes, but they’re what we learn from. . . and you become a bit braver because you realise you can afford to make mistakes. And as long as you learn from them, that’s fine’.

About Claire

Claire Nutter is the founder of Cracked Foodservice Marketing Ltd, a marketing agency dedicated to producing impactful work for its clients. After different marketing stints at various companies like Heineken and Compass Group, she started her own business in 2016 to combine both creativity and operations. With her eye for detail, endless energy and genuine love of partnering with her clients, Claire always works by her team’s side to get under the skin of a brief and deliver first-class operational execution, challenging the people at Cracked to go above and beyond the norm. 

To learn more about Claire and her work, you may visit her company website or connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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