Tiffany Willcox’s Three Proudest Moments and Secret to Success

Straying away from who you are can hold you back. However, it’s normal not to have all things figured out. Today’s guest shows us that to be authentic, you need to undergo a process. It will take conscious effort, but it is worth it. After all, being true to who you are will allow you to shine the best way you can.

In this episode, Tiffany Willcox shares her three proudest moments in life and her secret to success. She talks about her journey to finding confidence and being a mother, mentor, and a woman in tech. She leaves us with valuable insights on living a full life by striving to be authentic and making an impact through her ways. 

Tune in to this episode if you want to discover why embracing authenticity is key to elevating your success!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode: 

  1. Tiffany shares her three proudest moments and what she’s learned from them.
  2. Discover Tiffany’s secret to a successful life.
  3. Learn why you should aim to be authentic and how it can propel you to success.


Episode Highlights  

[4:53] Proudest Moment #1: Being on The Podcast 

  • Tiffany is proud of being on The Mindset Mentor Meets…
  • She’s always doubted whenever people say she’s good at what she does. But she came to the podcast recognising her value and worth. 
  • To get to this point, she embarked on a mentoring journey to help her unlock her confidence and identify her strengths. 
  • Focusing and working on herself helped her find her voice and recognise her worth. 
  • Being able to speak in front of other people is a milestone in her journey of accepting and loving herself more. 

[11:52] Doing Charity Work 

  • Tiffany decided to leave her company, Specsavers, in the middle of COVID to work for a charity.
  • During her interview, she made sure to be authentic and was clear on what she can contribute to the organisation. 
  • Most people have a misconception that charities cannot afford innovation. However, their organisation has cutting-edge technology. 
  • Tiffany feels lucky to be in her role now, as she values the feeling of contributing and helping other people around her. 
  • She has gained more appreciation for life by being in the field of palliative care. Listen to the full episode to find out how Tiffany helps patients and their loved ones!

[17:17] Proudest Moment #2: Being A Mum

  • Tiffany’s mother passed away when her little one was still in her tummy. So, her early parenting years were a struggle.
  • She says juggling work and parenting nearly broke her, but she’s now got it more under control.
  • Seeing her children go out into the world and be the best they can be, she can’t help but feel proud.

[18:45] Parenting and Leadership

  • Arguably, parenting is the ultimate leadership role.
  • For Tiffany, it means giving young people a push without being pushy. 
  • As a parent, she sometimes has to put aside her wants and desires to do what her sons want and listen to their side.

[22:31] Proudest Moment #3: Being A Mentor

  • Tiffany doesn’t have it all figured out, but she feels honoured that people seek advice or support from her.
  • She loves to help other people see the best versions of themselves.
  • She is not only proud to be a woman in the tech space, but also a leader. 

[28:14] Tiffany’s Secrets to Success

  • The key is to be authentic, present in the moment, and curious.
  • Tiffany reminds us not to forget to have a little bit of fun.
  • Overcoming her shyness and fears helped her become successful.
  • Having curiosity can unlock your authenticity, as it helps tamper down your fear of the unknown.
  • The support system she receives from her husband is also instrumental to her success.

5 Powerful Quotes from this Episode 

[7:12] “The only person responsible for my own journey is my own journey. And I focused myself on myself entirely.” 

[20:02] “The converse to [parenting] being a good leadership role is actually really hard because you have to put your own wants and desires to one side and you have to do what they want.”

[28:40] “Combining that authenticity with that curiosity and being truly present it genuinely is a gift to yourself because you can then focus on what you’re doing.”

[30:20] “I see curiosity as a real stepping stone, to unleash the authenticity. Because often what is in the way of authenticity is fear.”

[30:38] “Curiosity is the way that you can unlock the authenticity because you don’t have to know everything when you’re curious.”

About the Guest

Tiffany Wilcox is the Chief Technology Officer for the charity company Marie Curie. She is also a mentor, leader, and a loving mother of two who seeks to help other people find the best versions of themselves. Her passion for technology allows her to find solutions to better lives. 

If you want to know more about Tiffany, you can connect with her via LinkedIn.

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