Finding Success in Life Experiences and Connections with Will Jennings 

No matter how far you’ve come, you don’t have to know everything. There is always something new to learn from life experiences and people whose paths you cross in our ever-changing world. It is essential to keep your mind open and find a thirst for learning to hone the successful person you could become. Today, our guest shows how embracing a growth mindset and finding meaning in the fundamentals of life reflect success. 

In this episode, Will Jennings shares things he takes pride in that influenced the successful man he is today. He discusses picking up life lessons from everyday life experiences and keeping an eye for learning.

Tune in to this episode to discover valuable insights on what success really means and how life experiences and people play a significant role in your journey.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode: 

  1. Find out Will’s three proudest moments and draw wisdom from them.
  2. Learn Will’s secret to success. 
  3. Understand the value behind being okay with not knowing everything. 


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Episode Highlights 

[02:32] Balancing Life and Work 

  • The key is to leave early in the morning.
  • The remote work setup helped Will develop a second set of habits. 
  • Now that people are transitioning out of the remote work setup, there’s a need for a third set of habits or redeveloping a new routine. 
  • Working with a standing desk makes Will work better because movement and walking give him a different energy.

[06:58] Proudest Moment #1: Life Lessons and Experiences Growing Up 

  • Will is proud of his experiences growing up — both good and bad — since they shaped him into who he is today. 
  • He acknowledges his experiences growing up as the building blocks of his life today. 
  • Who we are today is a result of where we came from. 

[08:19] Will’s Building Blocks 

  • Will grew up in West London, which was a very multicultural area back then. 
  • Growing up in a melting pot exposed him to different people and cultures. 
  • His education in London also influenced his beliefs and values. 
  • His early years allowed him to build his character and try different things. 

[10:57] Lessons from Childhood 

  • Will wants to instil the value of commitment and work ethic in his children. 
  • He wants to show the importance of being honest and staying present. 
  • Will finds importance in trusting in yourself and your capabilities, and these are the basics that he wants to pass on to the next generation. 

[16:05] Proudest Moment #2: Being Okay with Learning Things 

  • Will takes pride in not knowing everything and being open to learning new things. 
  • He is open-minded and has a thirst for learning. 
  • For Will, the ability to pass on knowledge is part of finding solutions to issues. 
  • Sometimes, we also need to listen and learn from other people’s perspectives. 
  • His readiness to learn new things also allows him to connect with people and broaden his perspective. 

[21:31] On His Thirst for Learning 

  • For Will, it’s part of his role now as a leader. 
  • Learning and unlearning are part of building connections with people and helping them reach their potential. 
  • There is no rulebook on how to navigate the pandemic. It pushed Will to take a step back and learn how to manage people after all the physical and psychological changes. 
  • Sometimes, you have to be humble and accept that you don’t know everything. 

[25:36] On Leading an Organisation 

  • Will says he does not want to give people a false sense of comfort that things will be okay. 
  • Instead, he focuses on equipping people with tools that allow them to accept and face the volatility of reality. 
  • As a leader, Will believes in being straightforward, enabling support, and allowing people to be open about their fears and aspirations. 
  • It is essential to allow people to be vulnerable and encourage them to reach their full potential. 

[34:18] Proudest Moment #3: The Company He Keeps

  • The people surrounding him are a never-ending source of inspiration, pride and optimism. 
  • For Will, every persona meets plays a role in his life. 
  • The interactions and connections he establishes are opportunities to gain new perspectives and learn. 

[37:45] On Staying Present   

  • Will admits that he struggles with being preoccupied with other things rather than staying present during family time. 
  • It is essential to focus on things that you can control. 

[42:02] Will’s Secret to Success 

  • Understand what it is you’re trying to achieve. 
  • Stay curious, learn new things, and listen.
  • Be fair in how you treat people. 
  • Have the courage to take on any challenge. 
  • Have a growth mindset. 

5 Powerful Quotes 

[11:14] “If you really do want something, and if you really do want to be somewhere, or to achieve something even if it’s for yourself… commit to it and really trust yourself to do it.” 

[24:19] “You just have to be humble enough to accept the fact that you don’t have the answer.”

[27:48] “If you make sure you look after yourself, that you’re the best that you can be, that you’re delivering your potential, the result will take care of itself.” 

[38:56] “And you should embrace what you can control because to think and worry and to be preoccupied with things that are outside your control is really to deal with it twice.”

[46:20] “You don’t really fail — you just learn.”


About the Guest 

Will Jennings is the Chief Executive Officer of Rabobank in the UK. Before becoming the CEO, he worked as the Chief Risk Officer. Will is not only a loving leader and father but also a people person who has a love for lifelong learning. 

If you want to know more about Will, you can connect with him via LinkedIn.

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