In this special podcast episode you will be a fly on the wall in Angela’s coaching room.
Angela is working with Lesley, a client she has worked with in the past. Lesley came with a very transactional wish, to incorporate journalling into her routine.
We explored why she wants to do the journaling and soon uncovered some deeper blocks. Lesley feels she doesn’t deserve the things she has in her life. You’ll hear Lesley open up about a memory from her past in which she was left disappointed and like her happiness was taken away.
Angela and Lesley worked on the memory together so Lesley is able to move forwards without feeling her happiness will be taken away. Lesley realised she doesn’t actually want to journal as it’s not something that feels congruent with her character. We explored other ways she can connect with her feelings instead.
It’s well worth a listen and there will be some tips and tricks you can take away.
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