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About – Angela Cox – Motivational Speaker, Coach & No 1 Best-selling Author

About Me

Hi, I’m Angela,

Originally from Bolton, I now live in Bedfordshire & I’m the Wife of a Welshman and Mummy to two winks.

I have found my passion and feel privileged to spend my days helping and motivating people to make change. My role is multi-faceted as I work as a coach, mentor, trainer and motivational speaker as well as writing for various publications on the subject of mindset and transformational change. I now have a job that I totally love. I call it ‘Happy work’. It feels like my purpose and I literally bounce out of bed every morning.

I am proud to be an Empath, it’s my badass super-power, and not only do I love connecting with people, I also find it very easy to get to the root of what is holding a person back and help them see how this can change.  I know what it feels like to struggle with shame, self-doubt, self-sabotage and fear of failure and so I am perfectly placed to help people understand and overcome these challenges.

I’m passionate about all things relating to positive mind-set, well-being and mental health.
I love exercising, self-development, the outdoors and being around like-minded people.​

Most of all, I love me, all of me, and after 40 years of waiting, it’s a lovely place to be.​

My Goals

In 2016 I set out on a mission to be the best me I could be. This meant a total body transformation and a thorough mind-set overhaul.

I am still on the journey and remain focused and motivated to reach my goals which at the moment include learning to swim so I can enjoy the water rather than being terrified of it and training to qualify for the England Kettlebell Marathon Team. ​As ever, I aim to be a strong role model to my children and they remain my reason ‘WHY‘.​

One of the most satisfying outcomes of my journey so far has been the ability to support thousands of women and men who are also trying to be the best versions of themselves.

I founded a Facebook community called ‘A Big Girl’s Journey to Lean’ and have the privilege of hearing inspirational stories every day.

I also see the struggle and the pain people face because they feel powerless to change. This is where I believe I can help and I am determined to do so.

Our Community

A Big Girl’s Journey to Lean is now about far more than Angela Cox, it’s a community of like-minded people across several channels and it’s a positive and inspiring movement. I’d love you to join.

Angela Cox
Angela Cox